Who played Roseanne's daughters?

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In the TV show "Roseanne", Becky was portrayed by Lecy Goranson (later replaced by Sarah Chalke), and Darlene was portrayed by Sara Gilbert.
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Who played Roseanne's Baby on the show?

Roseanne's own son played the part of her baby Jerry Garcia nope-- an actor by the name of Cole Roberts played the role of Jerry Garcia Conner. Check the credits.

What was roseanne's salary?

Typical 5 thousand a week the first couple of seasons. And then typically like most popular shows all the stars in the cast of the show make like a million an episode for the last season or two. So Ill go ballpart and say she easily made a 100 million just off of her tv show alone.

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So far none of the "answers" answer the question. Good god. Try to do better instead of the non sequiturs you post. None too hopefully, Phiber Optik

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