Who played Steve Sanders brothers on Beverly Hills 90210?

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Travis wester (Eurotrip) plays the part of Austin Sanders and Randy Spelling (Tori Spellings brother in real life) plays Ryan Sanders
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Is 90210 the new Beverly Hills 90210?

Beverly Hills 90210 was the original tv show. The 90210 that is on tv just now is not a remake but the next generation which has a few of the characters from the first show
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Who leaves in Beverly Hills 90210?

Brenda - Leave and goes to London in season 4 Aundria - Leaves for Yale with her husband and daughter in season 5 Dylan - leaves after the death of his wife in season 6 and me
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When was Beverly Hills 90210 made?

The original 90210 aired in 1990 and it's release date was october 4th, 1990.