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At least in the British Commonwealth, soccer was traditionally a lower-class sport. The upper class played cricket or Rugby.

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Does Canada have a rich middle and poor class?

Canada does have a middle rich and poor class. :)

Who were the middle class in 1700?

They were poor but not that poor.

How do you use the word middle class in a sentence?

There is rich, middle class, and poor. I, myself, am middle class.

Did Shaquille O'Neal grow up poor or middle class?

middle class

What were there more of middle class houses or poor houses?

Poor people far outnumbered middle class in the Middle Ages. The serfs and other peasants were the great majority of the population, and the Middle Class was very small. So there were more cottages for poor people than middle class houses.

Is Zimbabwe rich poor or middle class?


Did Michael Jordan rich or poor?

poor or middle class

Did Franklin Pierce grow up rich poor or middle class?

His family was middle class moving to upper middle class.

Was Carrie Underwood poor before she was famous?

no, she was not that poor. middle class people are not poor.

Is Morocco rich or poor?

Morocco is middle class (both poor and rich).

Is Russia a rich or poor nation?

Middle Class.

Was Hitler famlie poor or ritch?

They were middle class.

Stonewall Jackson rich or poor?

he was middle class

What social group was exploited by the middle class?

The poor and lower class was exploited by the middle class. They were at the most disadvantage since the beginning of the nation.

Is Philippines is a poor country?

Well,not really.most people are middle class but some are poor

Was Jacqueline Wilson poor when she was little?

Neither poor nor rich. Middle class.

Were the Plebeians rich or poor?

they were in the middle class because they exchange things and they also had farmers that made the Romans in the middle class.

Are British people rich or poor?

both and middle class. you get people on benefits (poor) working class (middle class) and people with really good jobs are quite rich. you can work both down and up.

Who served in tribal assembly?

the plebians (poor or middle class)

Was Bruce Lee rich or poor or middle class?


What is the gap called between the rich and the poor?

Middle Class

Are most people rich or poor in Ecuador?

middle class

Was Charles dickens family poor or wealthy?

They weren't poor but they weren't rich. They were middle class.

Did Benjamin Banneker die poor or rich?

was benjamin banneker rich or poor or middle class

Was mia hamm rich or poor?

She was neither rich nor poor, she was in a middle-class family.

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