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Martin Sheen

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Martin Sheen

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Q: Who played the president on The West Wing?
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Who played Josiah Bartlett on The West Wing?

Martin Sheen played President Bartlet.

Who works for the president?

The people that are in The West Wing serve the president.

In what building is the president?

West Wing

Who was the main character on the television series The West Wing?

The main character on the television series The West Wing is the President of the United States, Josiah "Jed" Bartlett, who is played by Martin Sheen.

Which president is responsible for the west wing?

There is only 1 president

Martin sheen played a fictional evil president-in-the-making in the movie version of the dead zone and a fictional president on the west wing what real president did he play on tv?

Jack Kennedy

What building is the president's office in?

The White House

Which Baldwin played on 'The West Wing'?

No Baldwin has played on 'The West Wing'! However, there is a character named Helen Baldwin on the show, with whom V.P. Hoynes has an affair.

The president's most trusted aids and advisors make up?

the White House office in the West Wing

Which U.S. president created the west wing in the White House?

The West Wing was built for Theodore Roosevelt. It was doubled in size for William Howard Taft.

Martin's role in the west wing?

President Josiah "Jed" Bartlet

The president and his staff work each day is called?

In the west wing.