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Who plays Gaara in Naruto?


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Seiyuu (Japan)- Akira Ishida

Voice Acter (english) - Liam O'Brien


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Naruto is stronger than gaara in naruto shipudden.

What do you mean? voice actor is Akira Ishida

No, Naruto is friends with Gaara but has a crush on Sakura.

gaara was going to sasuke but naruto came in and stopped him. naruto fought gaara and beat him.

Gaara weights 39kg in naruto and 50.9 in naruto shippuden.

Naruto and Gaara became friends in episode 80 of Naruto part 1.

Probably Gaara's theme from the Naruto soundtrack.

Gaara is 16 so is Naruto. Because Naruto was 14 when he left and trained for two years.

He used to be , until he met Naruto that is. Naruto helped him to turn good.What did Gaara do to be Evil?

I'm pretty sure Gaara.

gaara will get married in the naruto episodes later on

In the beginning of Naruto Shippuden, Gaara is 15, but he is know currently 17 along with Naruto and a few others

shikamaru,gaara and lee gaara rehabulated, tenten, tayay

No, Gaara does not love anyone of the Naruto girls (or guys for that matter).

of course Naruto he is the main character. but gaara won't let him go lightly

Yes, Gaara does die in Naruto Shippuden; though Gaara was brought back to life by Granny Chio giving her life to Gaara. She runs out of chakra, but Naruto gives some to her to complete the jutsu to bring Gaara back.And then somewhere in Naruto Shippuden Granny Chio dies.

That is the correct spelling of Gaara, a character in the Naruto stories.

you may recieve it in nine tails box or your can upgrade gaara into frost gaara and then frost gaara in naruto and naruto into ninetails.

No, Gaara is actually a side character in the anime series Naruto. Naruto, is of course, the main character appearing in the series. Gaara first makes his appearance when Naruto is sent off for Ninja testing. He is from the village hidden in the sand. So all in all, - Main character: Naruto Uzumaki. - Gaara: Side character. ~no. the main character in naruto is naruto obviously. they don't intruduce gaara until the chunin exams in like episode 30 or even 50. but in the first season of naruto shippuden, the season is all about getting gaara back from the akatsuki.

Gaara had the one tail in Naruto.

Gaara and Naruto have great respect for each her, by the end of Naruto and the beginning of Shippuden. They have both suffered the same fate, and this creates a bond.

Gaara is the same age as Naruto. He is 15 as well.

In Naruto, gaara does not like anyone but himself. (He actually said that in an episode) And no one loves gaara in Naruto either. But in shippuden 2 girls love Naruto, Matsuri and Sari. (I hate them Both -.- ) But gaara still does not love anyone. Of coarse the way he got less well....*creepy* Is because Naruto opend his eyes and showed him how its like and all. The reason why gaara got to be Kazekage was probably cause of Naruto. BUT EITHER WAY! No Gaara does not love or like girls.

No, Matsuri and Sari in Shippuden are interested in Gaara, but no Gaara does not have any love intrest.

Gaara doesn't know that Naruto is a Jinchuuriki yet. He only knows that Naruto has compassion for him and who he is. All other characters know he is a Jinchuuriki. We all anticipate the manga/anime that Gaara finds out Naruto is a fellow Jinchuuriki. Then and only then will Gaara see why Naruto cared so much for him, despite being from formal rivally villages.

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