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Isabella Swan is played by Kristen Stewart.

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Q: Who plays Isabella swan in the twilight movie?
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Who plays Isabella Swan in Twilight?

Kristen Stewart plays Isabella Swan in Twilight.

Who did Kristen Stewart play in the movie twilight?

Isabella Swan

What is Bella's last name in twilight the movie?

Isabella Swan

Who plays Bella Swan in Twlight?

Kristen Stewart plays Bella Swan in the movie Twilight

What actress plays Bella Swan in the movie 'Twilight'?

Kirsten Stewart.

What actor plays Charlie Swan in the movie 'Twilight'?

Billy Burke.

Who does Kristen Stewart play in Twilight?

She plays the main character, Isabella Swan.Soon to be Bella Cullen.

In twilight where did Isabella swan move from?


Who among the three characters is the best in the movie of Twilight Saga Eclipse?

edward colon and Isabella swan...

Who does Kirsten Stewart play in twilight?

She plays Isabella Swan (Bella) In the 4th book her name is Bella Cullen

What is Bella surname in twilight?

Swan full name Isabella marie Swan

Who is with Jacob Black on the beach in twilight?

Isabella Swan

Who plays Bella Swan in the 2nd twilight movie?

Kirsten Stewart

Who plays Bella Swan dad in the movie twilight?

billy Burke

What website did Isabella Swan go to in Twilight?

Isabella Marie Swan (Bella) went on Google and looked up the legends.

What is Kristen Stewart's name in the movie Twilight?

In the Twilight movies, Kristen Stewart potrays a human girl, Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan.

What is Isabella swans full name from twilight?

Isabella Marie Swan. But now its Isabella Marie Cullen!

Is Robert pattsin and Bella Swan?

No, Robert Pattinson is single and [KRISTEN STEWART] (who portrays Isabella Swan in a movie role for 'Twilight') has a boyfriend, "Mike".

What is Bella's real name from Twilight?

Isabella Marie Swan

What is Bella's middle name in twilight?

Isabella Marie Swan

What are the name of the lovers in twilight?

Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan

Who is the heroine in Twilight?

Isabella Swan who is played by Kristen Stewart.

In twilight what's Bella's name?

Isabella Marie Swan

Who is tha main character in Twilight?

Isabella (Bella) Swan

When was Isabella Marie swan born?

The Twilight character Isabella Marie Swan was born in September 13, 1991 in Forks, Washington USA.