Who plays a red piano?

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Elton John is known for playing a red piano
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How do you play a piano?

Search it up on Goggle i would suggest to youtube it... they have alot of great tutorials there...:)!!!!1 plus u can find any tutortioul of any mostly song If you want to play the piano I reccomend getting a teacher. Unless you are musical to start with it is almost impossible to learn to play a ( Full Answer )

How do you play the piano?

A piano is played by pressing down the keys. Each key is a different note, and they get higher as you move from left to right. You can also go out to your local music store and find beginner books on how to play the piano. With lots of practice, you may someday become a great piano player! If yo ( Full Answer )

How to play the piano?

First learn Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do. Then mess around with some notes. If you really get into it get a teacher mabye there is a club somewhere that does Piano lessons. practice practice practice Learn Notes on Youtube etcc..................

If you can play the piano can you play the organ?

Not necessarily. You have the skills to play keyboards and read music, but organs are completely different and require a knowledge of how to work the pedals, pull out stops, etc. If you can play the piano...you have aptitude for playing the organ and you will need additional training.

How is the piano played?

Answer . A piano is played by pressing down the keys. Each key is a different note, and they get higher as you move from left to right.

Why do you have to play piano?

Many people play the piano for various reasons. For example i play the piano because i forget all my troubles while doing so. Many people play it for their amusmant but, some are made to. People have talents, and they want to use it. Or, for fun. I play the piano because when I play it, I feel str ( Full Answer )

How the piano played?

The piano is an instrument that can be used to play many genres of music, classical, pop, etc. You play the piano by using the weight of you arm to hit keys which activate hammers that hit strings. The sound travels via vibrations down the stings, which is amplified to make a sound. . If you woul ( Full Answer )

How does a piano play?

A piano works by when the person presses a key, a small hammer inside the piano hits a string. This creates the sound. You can also dampen the sound using the pedals or play the note louder or quieter.

Why do you play piano?

People play the piano as a hobby (for fun) or as an occupation (to make money). Some people believe that playing piano is a relaxing past time that calms the nerves. There are many different reasons why people play the piano, but the most common reasons are for entertainment, relaxation, or for an o ( Full Answer )

When did Beethoven start playing the piano?

He started playing the piano at the age of 4 or 5. He was taught by his father, Johann, and his grandfather who was also named Ludwig. His father would thrash at Ludwig (the child) and throw him into a celler in the basement of their home if Beethoven made one tiny mistake.

Who taught beethoven how to play the piano?

His father Johann van Beethoven. His very first teacher was his father. He was also taught by a court organist Gilies van den Eeden. He was also taught by Tobias Friedrich Pfeiffer and Franz Rovantini.

How is a piano played?

You press down the keys... the keys are the white and black things that should usually stand out from the rest of the piano. If it a full length piano, then there should be 88 keys all together.

If you can play piano can you play the keyboard?

The simple answer is "yes." That is, if by "the keyboard" you mean a synthesizer of almost any sort, a.k.a "keys". A Piano has more keys that a keyboard. I find a keyboard is easyer to learn. But yes if you can play a piano then you can play a Keyboard, Just remember a keyboard misses: A B C D E F ( Full Answer )

Why should you stop playing piano if you play piano?

Well there are many reasons to stop playing piano. For starters you might be fed up of playing the piano and you might want to play another instrument. You might have mastered the piano and be bored with it. A highly unlikely one is that you contracted a dissability and you can no longer use you han ( Full Answer )

How do you play on piano?

FIRST learn the keys' notes. SECOND learn how to read music. THIRD learn how to push a button. LAST put all together and...BAM! music!

How is piano played?

Piano is played by pressing keys that correspond to specific notes. White notes are for C, D, E, F, G, A, B or Dó, Ré, Mi, Fá, Sol, Lá, Si, and black notes are for C#, D#, F#, G#, A# or Dó#, Ré#, Fá#, Sol#, Lá# (or flats). The first note on a grand piano is the A, and after t ( Full Answer )

Do you play piano?

yes i play piano Yes so do i. I have been playing it for almost 2 years. I am 12 years of age and im not too bad at it. I am on grade 1! Yes I have been playing since I was 4 and I'm 13 years old, on grade 7.

How do you play the jaws theme on piano?

Well I just play the low C, C#, C, C#. Then I just keep playing those back and forth and then I get faster and faster. I'm sure there are more complicated ways to play it but my C, C# way will get you the sound you want

How do you play Bed of roses on piano?

i know hoe to make a bed all you need is some Popsicle sticks , glue and fabric than you are ready ! :) 1. glue the pops together as a be 2. make a pillow and bed sheets than you are done!

Does Hannah Montana play the piano?

heck no! she cant even sing! shes only famous cuz her dad! In concerts she lips sings, and on cd's she is totally transformed! trust me i would know! went to one of her concerts in 3rd grade and saw her body doubling!

Do you play a piano?

many people play a piano. The piano remains one of the world's most popular instruments.

How do you play legend of Zelda on piano?

Strikethrough letters indicates lower notes. eg A Bold letters indicates higher notes eg D Song of Time A D F A D F A C B G F G A D C E D Song of Healing B A F B A F B A EDE :(Repeat) Song of Storms(short) F A D F A D E F E C Inverted song of time A F D A F D A E Eb D Db C B Oath To Order ( Full Answer )

How do you play speechless on the piano?

You get the music, learn the piece, then play it on the piano. Piano pieces must be learned ... no book can teach you how to play the piano - you must physically interact with the piano itself. It is by practicing that your will learn how to play.

What plays the piano?

the strings The pianist, who, using his/her fingers, presses down on the piano keys, thereby permitting the mechanism to strike the string(s) which when tuned correctly vibrate at a certain pitch, thus creating sound waves.

How do you play 'Beat It' on piano?

You first purchase or obtain the piano music, then you practice it, and play it. It also helps if the one learning the piece is proficient in playing the piano, otherwise another element, that of taking piano lessons for a few years, will be required before you can play this, or any other, piece o ( Full Answer )

How do you play Nelly on piano?

First, you need to purchase/obtain the music, then you need to find a piano on which to learn and practice this piece, then you play it. If it isn't arranged for piano, then you might want to make your own transcription on the piece.

How do you play rainbow veins on the piano?

For free sheet music, go to the OnlineSheetMusic website. At the top of the page is a search box. Type the title (or artist name) and download the sheet music. If for any reason this fails, try googling 'free Rainbow Veins sheet music'.

Does beck hansen play piano?

Yes, he does play piano and about 14 other instruments. He is so talented! ~I love Beck Hansen~

How do you play this is Halloween on piano?

You first obtain the music for this piece, then you find a piano, learn the piece, practice it for days and months, then play it for a concert on the piano.

Can cats play piano?

Well, technically no cats can't really play the piano. They can push the keys and make noise, but they can't read sheet music and master playing. BUT... there is a cat that imitates the students who play in the studio where she lives. She's famous for her ability to mimic the sounds she hears. Sh ( Full Answer )

How do you play 'Beautiful Soul' on the piano?

First, you need a piano ... then you need to find the music, purchase it, takes piano lessons, learn and practice the piece for weeks and/or months, then finally play it.

Did Walt Disney play the piano?

Apparently yes. He even kept a piano in his office, but there is nothing to suggest he had lessons thru his childhood.

How do you play The Little Red Hen on the piano?

First, you need to get the music. Then you will need piano lessons (if you are not already an accomplished pianist), and then can learn the piece. As you are learning this piece, you are playing it on the piano.

How do you play on the piano?

Err, press the keys, maybe it would be better If started on a labelled keyboard to start, find some sheet music that has only got letters than as you get better start playing without letters, if you have an iPod touch, iPad, ect.! You can download virtuoso were you can take the labels on and off

How can the piano play?

Pianos produce music using keys, those keys trigger hammers on arms within the body of the Piano. The hammer swings up, strikes a piano wire, and the vibration produces a tone. When you combine these tones by pressing various keys in planned methods, you produce music. There are also pedals at th ( Full Answer )

When you play the piano what vibrates in the piano?

Believe it or not, the Piano is a Percussion instrument, like the drums. This is because the Piano works by tiny hammers hitting strings when you press down on the keys. If you open a piano and look into it whilst you play, you can see the hammers hitting the strings, and causing them to vibrate; ( Full Answer )