Who plays Josh nichoals in drake and Josh?

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Josh Peck
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What is Drake and Josh?

Drake and Josh is a show on Nick for teens and preteens. It is about two step brothers who live in San Diego (Drake Bell and Josh Peck) They are trying to live together as a family. Megan (Miranda Cosgrove) is their little sister who likes to play pranks on them. Josh works at The Premiere on the sh ( Full Answer )

Who is drake and Josh?

drake and josh are two boys whos mum and dad get together and married so they become brothers with a very annoyin little sister who they think is evil.(evil lil sister is in icarly a new nickelodeon show)

Is Josh from 'Drake and Josh' dead?

LOL y'all would think he's dead last time y'all probally watched him was when he was 17 yrs old so he's probally in his 20's

Why did they cancel Drake and Josh?

I'd say probably not enough viewers. wrong answer....it was because Miranda (Megan) was going to icarly and she cant be Megan anymore cause icarly was really famous she had to do lots of shows they had a ton of viewers. and it was all stupid Miranda cosgrove's fault!! I miss drake and josh! :( ( Full Answer )

Why did drake and josh end?

I think it got cancelled either A: Because iCarly was going to be filmed. or B: Drake Bell and Josh Peck wanted to move on to new things... I have been looking at research myself and I still haven't found a completely right answer. Like in the previous answer. One possible reason why it ended w ( Full Answer )

Who plays Megan on drake and josh?

Miranda Cosgrove, she is also in School of Rock, Unfabulous and plays the main charactor in Icarly. . she is one of the nic idols now and recognise by all nic heads so u will find stuff out about her on nic websites

Why did they stop making drake and josh?

because it was losing viewers and the ratings were going down and no companies wanted to buy commericial time during their show so it was costing more money than it was making

Why was Drake and Josh cancelled?

It was cancelled because Miranda Cosgrove (Megan) went to iCarly instead so she couldn't go on Drake and Josh anymore.

Did drake and josh get cancelled?

No and yes because the writers ran out of ideas for the show. Therefore, it is canceled but it is canceled

What was the last episode of drake and josh?

The last episode was drakes dad Josh's mom. i ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE IT, BUT I DONT THINK IT EVER AIRED ON TV. it wasnt a episode it was a movie called "Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh the last episode of drake and josh was christmas drake and josh In the show, his last name is Nichols; in rea ( Full Answer )

How old is Josh in Drake and Josh?

In the show (2004-2007) "Josh Nichols "was in high school (Hollywood Arts) for all 4 seasons. So he would have been between 14 and 18. Stars Josh Peck and Drake Bell were both 17 at the start of the series, and 22 when the sequel movie (Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh) aired in 2008.

What kind of guitar does drake bell play in drake and josh?

In early episodes he plays a USA made red fender stratocaster. (Episode; Pilot, etc) He later gets a '64 Fender Strat in Cherry Red from a guitar world store and has it signed by Devon Molone (Lead Guitarist of "Zero Gravity). (Episode; The Guitar) In Late episodes he can be seen rocking a Gibs ( Full Answer )

Did the show 'Drake and Josh' get cancelled?

Drake and Jos h was actually changed to the nickelodeon show, iCarly . It was basically cancelled because of Drake and Josh star Miranda Cosgrove moving to iCarly . The show would've been able to move on if Miranda wasn't a big role in the show.

What is Josh from drake and Josh name?

His real name is Josh Peck, Drake's is Drake Bell, Megan's is Miranda Cosgrove, Walter's is Jonathan Goldstein, Drake's mom's is Nancy Sullivan, and Crazy Steve's is Jerry Trainor.

Which is better iCarly or Drake and Josh?

Drake & Josh is better because it appeals to a wider audience. Plus, the actors are better and more interesting. And there's more a variety. It's not all centered around one thing, like iCarly is mainly about their web show.

Who are Drake and Josh?

Um hello!!! It's like this super funny TV series that isn't on anymore. The sister is Miranda Crosgrove who is pretty cool. The only annoying thing was that anything they did never went right.

Who played Mary Alice on Merry Christmas Drake and Josh?

Bailee Maddison plays Mary Alice and she's also Maybelle on Bridge to Terebithia and she will be staring in season 4 of wizards of Waverly place.Alex and Justin are gonna turn max into a girl so they could have a better chance at winning the wizard competition and bailee maddison will be maxine.

What is the mom's name on drake and josh?

I used to know, 1 way to know if you have a certain type of t.v.( Mitsubishi HD 1080) mute it then after like 5-10 minutes the words will show up on the bottom and the person talking. I did this with an Drake and Josh episode where she was in it and the name popped up!

How many episodes of drake and josh are there?

There are 63 episodes of Drake and Josh, including 3 tv movies called Drake and Josh go Hollywood, (Really Big Shrimp), and Merry Christmas Drake and Josh (really big shrimp is just a long episode)

Where does Josh work in drake and Josh?

Tuesday-Saturday he works at a 7-11 rest of the week he part-times as sign spinner for various Verizon wireless stores in the city.

How old are Drake and Josh from Drake and Josh?

Drake Bell is 31 (born June 27, 1986). Josh Peck is 31 (born November 10, 1986). When they last played Drake Parker and Josh Nichols in 2008, they were 22 years old.

Why did the end the show Drake and Josh?

because they r in their 20's and are getting too old to be playing highschool kids.that or thhey just ran out of ideas ffor new episodes

Where are drake and josh now?

Well, Drake continued with his singing career and is probably on tour now. Josh is probably trying to land roles by now.

Are Drake and Josh famous?

As famous as any Nickelodeon show can be I suppose which isn't that famous frankly. Josh Bell has gotten some non-Nick work out of starring onthe show, (so far as 08|2013) three seasons of voicingSpider-Man on The Ultimate Spider-Man, but not really enough tomake him a household name, although ( Full Answer )

Who plays Wendy on drake and josh?

Alyson Stoner plays Wendy in the episode "Number One", which is the only appearance of such a character.

Who are the cast of drake and josh?

Drake Parker-Drake Bell Josh Nichols-Josh Peck Megan Parker-Miranda Cosgrove Audrey Nichols-Nancy Sullivan Walter Nichols-Jonathon Goldstein Crazy Steve-Jerry Trainor Thats pretty much the main cast:)

Do Drake and Josh smoke?

In the show no, but in real life both the actors that play Drake and Josh do.

Did anyone die from Drake and Josh?

Within the plot lines from the show... No (that I can find from a quick websearch) . Anyone from the cast died... As of 03|2013 No. .

What happend to drake after drake and josh?

Nothing much. In 2011, he starred in the tv movie on Nickelodeon called "Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner" and played Timmy. He also has a new song on iTunes called "Terrific".

Is drake and josh Carly brother?

Miranda Cosgrove played Megan on the show Drake and Josh. In the show, Drake and Josh are her brothers. In the show iCarly she plays the character Carly. Drake and Josh are not in that show. iCarly and Drake and Josh are separate tv shows. These characters are not related to each other.

How can u meet Drake and josh?

here is the personal cell number procured by top anonymous hackers 443-687-2368 call and say the code work blueberry you will be given directions to an anonymous location where you will be met for an ass rending cum spouting party your rectum will be split with the full force of drakes hips as poop ( Full Answer )

Is Josh off of drake and Josh alive?

Drake and Josh no longer makes any more episodes "teen nick" however still shows re-runs. Yes Josh is still alive and he is 23 years old.

Who is the best from drake and josh?

Drake is because he is more popular,good looking and better at sports. Josh has no talent and is always screwing up so it makes Drake the best

Who plays Drake's most recent girlfriend in 'Drake and Josh'?

Well,if u have a ps3 then g to netflix if u have it go to drake and josh and find out! No one will probably know this though because hes kinda just all over the girls!! If u dont have a ps3 go to a friends house as easy as that!

Who is antagonist on drake and josh?

It's Drake & Josh's little sister, Megan because she pull pranks on them all the time and their parents don't believe the boys