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Who plays the Stig in Top Gear?

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The Stig's identity is hidden. Although it is known that there have been at least two of them. The first one (who identity I think I was able to see on wikipedia) was "killed off". The show when he was shown driving a jag off of an aricraft carrier he was the all black Stig. He was replaced by the all white clad stig from the next series which is played by Ben Collins who has played in the Toyota Aygo car football challenge and was wearing the same brand top as the stigs shoes plus if you hear the Stig's voice and Ben Collins voice they sound just like each other. Look up videos of the Stig talking and compare them.

The Stig slips up

In 2003, The Stig released his autobiography entitled 'Flat Out, Flat Broke' in which he spoke openly about his time in Formula 1. Whilst the book was well received, The Stig unfortunately let slip his real identity and a stunned world discovered that the man behind the helmet was in fact Adam Jacob!!

A stiggy end

With Perry McCarthy's shocking revelation still reverberating around the globe, the unthinkable happened and tragedy struck. At the beginning of his fourth series of Top Gear, Perry McCarthy as The Stig, attempted to out run a Harrier jet along the length of an aircraft carrier. The world watched in Horror as he failed to brake in time and plunged over the end to his watery doom. His body was never recovered.

Stig's dead: long live Stig!

Despite the almost unbelievable events that had unfolded in front of their very eyes Hammond, May and Clarkson managed to pull themselves together and begin the arduous task of searching for Stig Mark II. Pretty soon almost straight, away in fact, they found a worthy replacement for their lost hero and 'New Stig' was unleashed upon the world.

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When did stig join Top Gear?

the stig was there since the beginning but then he was the black stig

Who is the stig on Top Gear?

Quentin Wilson. [by the way former presenter top gear]Several people have been 'The Stig'.Actually the Top Gear prgramme had to fire their last Stig as he revealed himself. The former Stig was on in the new series in June 2010. The former Stig was a past Formula 1 driverNo one knows until the reveal themselves after Top Gear get a new Stig. Thanks

Who is top gears stig?

The Top Gear stig is Michael Shumacher, a famous racing driver.

When was the stig introduced to Top Gear?

He begun in 2002 when new Top Gear started.

Who is joe holman?

The Stig on Top Gear!

Did The Stig from Top Gear ever answer his phone?


Who is sting from Top Gear?

Currently Top Gear has exposed The Stig as Michael Schumacher (Formula 1 driver), but this is considered by many as a joke, and that Michael not are The Stig.

How long has a stig been on Top Gear?

Since 2001 when Top Gear was re-introduced.

Who is the stig on Top Gear 2009?

Ben Collins

Who is the stick at Top Gear?

the Stig is Ben Collins

Who is the stig on the show Top Gear?

Michael Schumacer

Which Top Gear presenter is the best driver?

the stig

When was the stig on Top Gear?

The stig is on nearly all the Top Gear episodes. He tests different cars and is said to be one of the worlds best drivers. Hope it helps!

Did the stig of Top Gear actually die?

Black stig died by falling off of a navy ship

Is the Stig on Top Gear Lewis Hamilton?

No its Michael Shumacher.

Who is the stig on the American top gear?

mickel shumaker with a pillow

What is a red hot stig code?

it is to do with top gear trading cards it is the rarest card in the top gear collection.

Is Michal Schumacer the stig?

I don't think Michael Schumacher is the Stig. I think it was just a PR ploy by the Top gear team. "After the show, a BBC spokeswoman would not confirm whether or not Schumacher was the genuine Stig, or a stunt to mark the first episode of a new series of Top Gear. "You have to bear in mind that Top Gear is an entertainment programme. We never reveal who or what The Stig is," she said."

Did the stig out of Top Gear die by falling of a navy ship?

Yes he did

Is anyone from top gear gay?

Stig could be-no one knows

In which Top Gear episode did they unmask the Stig?

In Top Gear, the British television show about cars, The Stig is a character that wears a mask and full race car driving outfit. The running jock is that The Stig is mocking the anonymity of race car drivers who wear a full face helmet. The Stig was unmasked in series 15, when the person playing The Stig, race car driver, Ben Collins, was about to release an autobiography revealing that he was indeed The Stig. Top Gear unmasked the character before the book was released.

Who is the stig of Top Gear?

black stig was Perry McCarthy but no one really now's because they change him every season

How many people have beaten the stig on Top Gear?

No one has beaten the Stig. (NOT TRUE) Rubens Barrichello is the only person to beat the Stig, rumour has it, the Stig was so upset by this he decided to come out the closet and leave the show. He now works for fifth gear along side Tiff, Jason and Vicky, Im sure the boys at Top Gear will be avoiding these guys in a race.

What year did the stig start?

he started a year after top gear was made i think

What is the best Top Gear turbo car card?

Sub-Zero Stig

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