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2013-12-22 03:10:48
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Was George Michael in last Christmas by wham?


In which year did George Michael become a singer?

As a profession, he began singing in 1981.

When was last Christmas made sang by George Michael?


Where could a person view videos of George Michael singing live?

Youtube is the best place to find and watch pretty much any video desired. That would be the best place to look for videos of George Michael singing live.

Did George Michael have singing lessons?

Yes, he definitely did have lessons. I remember reading about it in the 80s. There was a woman that gave him lessons. She also gave Boy George lessons. She said that George Michael had a great voice and a good ear.

What is the Christmas song that Bernie and George Michael sing in the Catherine Tate show?

The Bells were ringing out for Christmas day - The Pogues

Who ist he beautiful girl in Whams Last Christmas that George sings to?

Kathy Hill from England

Who sings besides George Michael Last Christmas?

Chris Brown ( he is so sexy)

Which Catherine Tate character attempted to seduce George Michael in her 2007 Christmas special?

Nurse Bernie

Does George Michael have kids?

George Michael has no children.

When did George Strait stop singing?

Um...He hasn't stopped singing

Who was George Michael married to?

George Michael has not been married

What has the author George Christmas written?

George Christmas has written: 'Vonnie, Feelings'

What has the author George Kester written?

George Kester has written: 'Your singing potential' -- subject(s): Methods, Self-instruction, Singing

Who is richer - Gary Barlow or George Michael?

George Michael

Is George Michael straight?

No. George Michael is openly gay.

What do these names have in common-george Michael Jackson Bolton?

George Michael, Michael Bolton, Michael Jackson. So not funny

When was George Michael born?

George Michael was born on June 25, 1963.

When was George Michael Weiss born?

George Michael Weiss was born in 1697.

When did George Michael Weiss die?

George Michael Weiss died in 1762.

When was George Michael Marovich born?

George Michael Marovich was born in 1931.

When did Michael George Glazebrook die?

Michael George Glazebrook died in 1926.

When was Michael George Glazebrook born?

Michael George Glazebrook was born in 1853.

When did Michael George Mulhall die?

Michael George Mulhall died in 1900.

When was Michael George Mulhall born?

Michael George Mulhall was born in 1829.