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What are responsibilities of a lifeguard?

The most commonly-used job description of a lifeguard that seems to transcend all facilities and areas is thus: To ensure the safety of all patrons present by enforcing facility regulations, monitoring activity, and rendering emergency care in the event that a patron suffers from an incident. Fur ( Full Answer )

What songs are in The Sandlot 2?

Well, I love all the songs in The Sandlot 2. I love the older music. All I know is that "Spirit in the Sky" is one of them and "Takeing Care of Buisness" and I think "California Baby". That's all I know off the top of my head.

What songs are in the Sandlot?

Finger Poppin' Time - Hank Ballard Smokie Part II - Bill Black's Combo The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Tokens There Goes My Baby - The Drifters This Magic Moment - The Drifters America The Beautiful - Ray Charles Green Onions - Booker T & The MG's Tequila - The Champs Wipe Out - The Su ( Full Answer )

What is a lifeguard responsibilities?

Primary Responsibilities . Supervise pool or beach areas . Ensure the safety and well-being of all patrons . Enforce rules to prevent injuries and illnesses . Perform water rescues and assists. . Respond to emergencies and provide aid as needed Secondary Responsibilities . Checking chem ( Full Answer )

Why do you need lifeguards?

A lifeguard is trained to respond to a water emergency. Some people don't respond well, or cannot physically respond safely or correctly. You need a lifeguard for safety.

Where was the sandlot made?

Dodger Stadium - 1000 Elysian Park Avenue, Chavez Ravine, Elysian Park, Los Angeles, California, USA Lorin Farr Park Pool - 1691 Gramercy Avenue, Ogden, Utah, USA Midvale, Utah, USA Ogden, Utah, USA Rose Park, Utah, USA Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (the sandlo ( Full Answer )

What are some song in The Sandlot?

Well the first song was Finger Poppin Time, another one is Wipeout, Tequila, Green Onions, The Lion Sleeps Tonight. I think there are more, but those were at the the top head

What is the lifeguards pay?

Depends on what facility you work at and where in the country you are, but to help try and give you some idea, when you work for a city, such as a public pool, you seem to make more percentage wise.

What are some quotes from the sandlot?

"L& Wennie". "Yeah yeah Oscar Meyer Even". "You play ball like a girl". "You're killing me Smalls". "Yeah yeah he looks pretty crappy". "That wimpy deer?". && a lot more. "L& Wennie". "Yeah yeah Oscar Meyer Even". "You play ball like a girl". "You're killing me Smalls". "Yeah yeah he look ( Full Answer )

Sandlot gang names?

you can hve : suicide boys or bomb brothers backyard boys. gadget givers .. street walkers .. b.m.b men

Will there be a sandlot 4?

yes sandlot 4 squints revenge has been green lit, however there is no release date available.

What do lifeguards do?

They watch you while you are swimming in water to make sure nothing life threating happens to you. If something does then the must act to save your life. This requires them to be in good physical condition, be able to swim well to retrieve you, and have at least some basic medical education to reviv ( Full Answer )

Where do you see a lifeguard?

And the answer is well in the U.K you see lifeguards with the nplqqualification at a swimming pool or leisure centre with waterfacilities and you also see beach lifeguards at the beach whoprotect bathers from injury and or death at the coast.

Is the sandlot a true story?

NO! Both the young and older Benny's are played by actors who are actually brothers. They were discovered by a talent scout while waiting in line at an amusement park. The actor playing the older Benny was a police officer, but he tragically died a few years ago to Leukemia. His brother, the younger ( Full Answer )

What are the ROLES for a lifeguard?

It depends on you certification, I'm E&A so for me it's "Maintain skills at a rescue ready level, always have a proactive 10/20 on my zone of protection and keep a professional image at all times.", but that's more of a textbook answer, to be bold and truthful, you clean a lot when you're a life gua ( Full Answer )

How young can you be to be a lifeguard?

The general rule is 16 but to become a life guard you have to take courses, so it would all depend on what age you can take those courses.

What are the roles of a lifeguard?

The role of a lifeguard may vary depending on where one works, but the bare minimum requirements are to ensure the safety of patrons and usually the basic upkeep and maintenance of a facility. Other common roles are Water Safety Instructors, Head Guards (Boss of the other guards), and Pool Maintenan ( Full Answer )

What is lifeguard in Welsh?

'Life-saving' is 'achub bywyd' - you could probably say 'dyn sy'n achub bywyd' and be understood. But round here (Cardiff) we say 'lifeguard' even when we are speaking Welsh. 'Mae e'n lifeguard ym Mhorthcawl trwy'r Haf' (He lifeguards in Porthcawl during the summer). There is probably a proper ( Full Answer )

Where was the Sandlot filmed?

At the end of the movie it says Thank you to the people of Salt Lake Midvale Ogden and Bountiful Utah.

Is the Sandlot a book?

Originally, it was a movie, but there are books based on the movie for sale, too.

How are lifeguards important?

a lifeguard firstly saves your life if it is in danger, they are expertly trained first aiders, CPR and all type of rescue techniques. they are there as a counter measure to reduce the likelihood of a hazard occurring. and without them many people would die, or be seriously injured- fact. think abou ( Full Answer )

What does a lifeguard use?

Dependent on the country of work. however the basic equipment should be a torpedo buoy, throw bag, reach pole, personal radio, whistle.

Who or what does the lifeguard represent?

The Lifeguard (capitalized - ahem) represents protection, surveillance, good swimming skills, and (most of all) a perfect not-too-dark golden brown tan. Also, wearing a swimsuit to work.

Where can you find a lifeguard?

Lifeguards work at beaches, public pools, private pools, Y.W.C.A.'s and Y.M.C.A.'s, resorts, and sometimes at rural "swimming holes" and creeks. Many people get a start in lifeguarding when they are in high schools. Pool owners will teach basic lifeguarding skills and water rescue, and will certif ( Full Answer )

What is lifeguard lung?

It's permanent scarring of the lung tissue from prolonged exposure to chlorine. Studies haven't connected it with cancer yet.. Think of it more like chronic asthma.

Do lifeguards get to travel?

I am a lifeguard, for three years now, and I travel often, due to the particular employer I have. But most lifeguards I know, don't get to travel like I do, at least not for their job. The reason I travel is because I work with a company that owns many pools, and helps staff many lakes.

Where can you be a lifeguard?

Where you can work as a lifeguard depends on where you want to work and what you get certified as. If you can only get certified for lifeguarding at a pool or amusement park then that's where you will work. If you can get certified as an open-water lifeguard, it all depends on how far you are willin ( Full Answer )

What is the importiants of lifeguards?

It's spelled "Importants" and the lifeguards are available to monitor personnel in water regardless of depth to prevent drowning and assist in CPR actions.

Who are all of the kids in the Sandlot?

Scotty Smalls, Benjamen Franklin Rodriguez, Hamilton "Ham" Porter, Michael "Squints" Palledorous, Alan "Yeah-Yeah" McClennan, Kenny DeNunez, Bertram Grover Weeks, Tommy "Repeat" Timmons, Timmy Timmons

When can you be a lifeguard?

You can be a lifeguard when you are 15 and you have First aid training and CPR training and you have your cards saying that you are a lifeguard.Also you can be a jr lifeguard when you are 14 same with lifeguarding you have to go through alot of training - IN USA) IN ENGLAND AND WALES - Be aged 16 ( Full Answer )

How fit do you have to be to be a lifeguard?

It depends what the requirements are for the place you want to lifeguard at. I am a lifeguard at the local YMCA during the summer. Im 5'8 and 200 pounds.

What are the qualifications to be a lifeguard?

You MUST have Lifeguard certification. Some places requires more/less than others Im certified in CPR FIRST AID DEEP WATER RESCUE SPINAL RESCUE AED LOCAL POOL and a few others. Im certified in everything you can possibly get.

What do lifeguards wear?

lifeguards usually wear a t-shirt with a red or white cross on it, they carry a whistle, and they usually wear shorts. underneath, they must wear a bathing suit. also, a whistle and sometimes a board to help a drowning person float. hope this helps(:

What is a junior lifeguard?

In Canada, a Junior Lifeguard is a lifeguard who has their NLS (National Lifesaving) certificate but is under the age of 18--the minimum age for lifeguard certification is 16. Because they are so young, they are legally not able to be responsible for a large group of people, and so are not allowed t ( Full Answer )

What movie was the sandlot movie based on?

The movie is pure fiction, but it was alleged that the events weretaken from real life, a man who's name is uncannily similar to thecharacter Squints palladorous who was a childhood friend of thedirector, and co-writer of the screenplay took this all the way tothe supreme court. The court ultimately ( Full Answer )

What are lifeguards for?

Lifeguards are there to help. The set up safety zones on beaches and offer monitoring as people enjoy their swims. The lifeguards can help rescue a person if they are drownings, have been attacked by a marine species, or if they have suffered faintness. Lifeguards helps make beach-safety zones safe ( Full Answer )

What is lifeguard certificate?

Aquatic Management offers the American Red Cross Lifeguardingprogram which provides lifeguards with the best skills andknowledge necessary to keep patrons of aquatic facilities safe inand around the water. Lifeguard Certificate is "Red Cross CPR certifications" is validfor 1 year and you can renew e ( Full Answer )