Pangaea Supercontinent

Who proposed the theory of pangea?

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Alfred Wegener, a German scientist in the early 1900's.

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What did wegener think had happened to his super continent?

Wegener proposed the theory of Pangea (the supercontinent) and continental drift. Continental drift is what split Pangea apart.

What was the name of the continent that Wegener proposed?

Pangea, you tool

What is it called when the continents once formed a huge supercontinent?

Many million years ago, the huge supercontinent theory was proposed by one man named Alfred Wegner. He explained the theory of continental drift which lead to the supercontinent called Pangea. Another man named John Tuzo Wilson proposed to theory of plate tectonics which helped scientists to believe Wegner's ideas. Together Wilson and Wegner proposed Pangea. Later on, it was split into two other smaller continents called Laurasia and Gondwanaland.

Who had the theory of pangea?

Alfred Wegener

What is the theory that suggeat that the continents were once part of a supercontinent?

The theory of Pangea.

What hypothesis proposed that earth's continents were once joined in a single landmass and then gradually moved apart?

The theory of Pangea. It has somthing to do the a shift in the techtonic plates that caused the landmasses to separate I do believe.

Who proposed quantum theory?

Quantum Theory was proposed by Max planck.

What is the name of the theory on the continents drifting apart?

Pangea is the original super continent that broke up into the continents we know today by a process known as 'Continental Drift' proposed by a scientist named Wegener



What is the name of the theory that suggested the earth was a super continent?


What theory of continental placement was being discussed during the time Wegener introduced his Pangea theory?

The Theory being discussed was "The Conrtaction Theory".

Who proposed the earth centered theory?

Nicolaus Copernicus proposed the earth centred theory

The seafloor spreading theory was proposed by?

The Seafloor Spreading Theory was proposed by Harry Hess.

Who proposed molecular orbital theory?

Molecular orbital theory was proposed by Boltzmann and Maxwell.

Who proposed kinetic theory of gases?

The basic theory was first discussed and proposed by Bernoulli.

What is the theory of Pangea?

The theory of Pangaea was that the continents were once together and then were drifted apart due to plate tectonics.

What do you call the theory that all 7 continent were once 1?


What theory supports the idea of continental drift?

the breaking down of pangea

What molecular theory was proposed by Boltzmann and Maxwell?

Kinetic molecular theory was proposed by Boltzmann and Maxwell.

Who proposed the theory of acquired characteristics?

Jean Lamarck who proposed the theory that acquired characteristics can be inherited.

Who was the scientist who proposed vital force theory?

vital force theory was proposed by Berzilius in 1809.

The heliocentric theory was first proposed by?

The heliocentric theory was first proposed by Nicolaus Copernicus.

Who proposed the phlogiston theory?

The phlogiston theory was first proposed by Johann Joachim Becher in 1667. This theory is now considered obsolete and was replaced by the oxygen theory.

How old was Alfred Wegener when he proposed his theory?

Alfred Wagner was 32 years old when he proposed his theory.

What theory was proposed by Charles Darwin?

Darwin proposed the theory of evolution.evolutionvariationartificial selection

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