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Leonardo da vinci was taken and raised by his father.

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First of all, the word "who" is not spelled the way it is spelled in the question and to answer the question, Leonardo da Vinci fell from the sky and was raised by the trees.

Leonardo da vinci Leonardo da vinci Leonardo da vinci

Leonardo was influenced by his mentor Verrocchio. And his father who raised him on his own.

Da. Da means 'of' in italian. He was born in Vinci.

No, because da in Leonardo da Vinci basically means of.

Leonardo da Vinci was a Roman Catholic.

Leonardo da Vinci was imprisoned in 1509

Leonardo da vinci Leonardo da vinci

Verrocchio trained Leonardo da Vinci.

No. Leonardo da Vinci was a Catholic Christian.

Yes that's why he was called Leonarda da Vinci, the literal translation is Leonardo of Vinci, he didn't have a surname when he was born so he was called Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (Leonardo son of Piero of Vinci) which was later shortened to Leonardo da Vinci.

Anchiano, Italy Leonardo Da Vinci means Leonardo of Vinci. Vinci is a town in Italy and thus, Leonardo was born in Vinci, Italy, not Anchiano.

leonardo da Vinci used stuff

The Duke of Milan was who Leonardo Da Vinci worked for

Leonardo da Vinci was influenced by his mentor, Verrocchio.

Leonardo da Vinci didn't pretend to do anything.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a Renaissance man.

Leonardo Da Vinci was thought to be ADD and Dyslexic

No. Leonardo da vinci was taught by nature

No leonardo da vinci had not one kid!

No Leonardo DA Vinci was the only child.

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