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Q: Who received the Queen's Baton tourch from the Queen of the UK for the 2010 Commonwealth Games?
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Who received the Queen's Baton tourch from the Queen of the UK for the Commonwealth Games in 2010?

Queen Elizabeth II handed the Baton to the President of India - Pratibha Devisingh Patil.

What is the commonwealth games baton called?

Queen's Baton Relay.

What does the queen's baton carry in commonwealth games?

The Queen's Baton carries the message which the Head of Commonwealth (Elizabeth II) reads at the Opening Ceremony of the next Commonwealth Games.

Where did the queens baton relay begin?


Who designed the commonwealth games baton?

Micheal Foley.

How many countries queens baton has traveled?


Which Indian player burned fire in 2010 commonwealth games?

Sushil Kumar was the final baton runner at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

What is the queens baton is expected to cover28 before finally reaching delhi?


Where does the commonwealth games baton begin?

It begins in the UK at buckingham palace. The queen starts off the relay.

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How long is the queens baton relay?

Anywhere up to 190,000km by air, land and sea. The aim is to visit all the nations attending the CWG.

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Which athlete finally handed over the Queen's Baton to Prince Charles in 2010 Commonwealth games?

Sushil Kumar.... sources (wiki). though 2010 cwg website claim the vijendra singh... both are wrestler...

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