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Confederate General Stonewall Jackson, always very colorful, really believed pepper caused his left leg to hurt. He exhibited other compulsions such as having to raise one arm while riding his horse to â??keep the blood balancedâ?? . He suffered a wound through friendly fire, that caused the amputation of a limb. Pneumonia set in and he died a few days later.

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What kind of action is a sneeze caused by pepper in the air explain?


Is a pepper a seed enclosure?

Pepper enclosureYes indeed a pepper is a seed enclosure because the seeds in a pepper are closed in by the outside of the pepper.

What is Japan's hottest pepper?

This particular powdered pepper is made from a Japanese yellow or "Ogon (golden)" pepper and it is claimed to be 10 times hotter than regular Japanese "Togarashi (red)"pepper. The Ogon pepper is thought to have originated as a yellow hot pepper in Southeast Asia, and its cultivation in Japan was first recorded in the mid-18th century.

Why is pepper attracted by a magnet?

because pepper has a lot of iron

Why do some foods without pepper taste like pepper?

Some foods without pepper taste like pepper because they have the natural content of the pepper.

What kind of action is a sneeze caused by pepper in the air?

A florist chemical!

Is pepper and water a solution?

Pepper and water is not a solution, it is a mixture because the pepper will not dissolve. If you're wondering if salt and water is a solution, it is because it's the solution saltwater and the salt does dissolve unlike the pepper.

Why is pepper and water a mixture?

Because the pepper is not dissolved by the water - it would then be a solution.

Is Dr Pepper Acidic?

Doctor Pepper is acidic because it contains acid.

Is spicy pepper biotic or abiotic?

A pepper is Biotic because it is a living thing

Why doesn't pepper dissolve?

Pepper does not dissolve in water because pepper is different spices together but salt isn't so the salt is original but the pepper isn't.

Is chili pepper a veggie?

I belive it is because...chilli a veggie..nd pepper is a vegie

Why is Water and pepper a suspension not a solution?

Because when you mix pepper and water, it doesn't dissolve.

Why pepper float on the water?

Pepper floats because it is less dense than water.

Is pepper pig a boy or girl?

Pepper pig is indeed a boy because it has a dick

Is a pepper and water mixture homogeneous or heterogeneous?

it is heterogeneous because the pepper does not dissolve in the water

Is pepper a mixture or a pure substace?

Pepper is a mixture.

Is a bell pepper a fruit?

The bell pepper is a fruit because every fruit has seeds therefore making a bell pepper a fruit.

Does this mean that a pepper is a fruit a pepper is from a flower and has seeds inside?

yes a pepper is a fruit but it is also a vegtable because it has seeds and its a vegtible because it has a steam Yes a pepper is a fruit as it has the seeds inside but no sensible person would use it in a fruit salad.

Does pepper affect bacterial growth?

well... pepper has acids that can burn the growth of fungi and bacteria because pepper contains a burning acid!

Why does pepper not dissolve in water?

Because the chemical components of pepper are of non-polar type (hydrophobic).

Could a mixture of pepper and water could be a solution?

No because pepper is not solution in water. Thank You

Does black pepper conduct electricity?

yes it does, because black pepper has ions for it to conduct electricity.

What are some forms of bias?

Because pepper makes me SNEEZE, I am biased AGAINST pepper. Because the world is ROUND, I am biased TOWARD spheres.

Why does pepper make you sneeze?

Because the fine particles of spicy pepper irritate the membranes of the inner nose.

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