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Someone who worked at the building they were hiding in. There was another family that was hiding out with the Frank family. In Anne Frank's diary she never did reveal the name of the so-called rat amongst them. Someone who was robbing them was arrested and he told the gastapo that they were living there.

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Where were the frank family hiding?

The family is hiding in the annex which is in amsterdam,Holland

Where was the Frank family when they went into hiding?

Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In what city did Anne Frank and her family hide?

Anne Frank went hiding in Amsterdam. This is a photo of the place she lived in ( the middle one)...

Which town was Anne Frank hiding in?


Who wrote hiding in Amsterdam during World War 2?

Anne Frank wrote "The Diary of Anne Frank" while she and her family hid from the Nazis in Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands during WW2. I did not find any book called "Hiding in Amsterdam.". See the link below for other possibilities.

Who did Anne Frank live with while she was in hiding?


What city was Anne frank hiding place?


What country was Anne Frank hiding in?

Anne Frank was hding in Amsterdam, Holland.

What city was anne frank living in when she went into hiding?


When did the Frank family go into hiding?

The Frank family went into hiding on July 6, 1942

Why were the Frank family in hiding?

They were hiding from the Nazis.

Why did the frank family move to Amsterdam?

Margot anne's sister was called up to the consitration camps.Her father found a hiding place.

Where did Anne Frank live as a kid?

She was born in Frankfort, Germany, lived briefly with her grandmother in Aachen while Mr. Frank was getting set up in Amsterdam, then moved to Amsterdam where she lived until the family went into hiding.

When did the Anne Frank family start hiding?

The Frank family went into hiding on July 5, 1942.

What city do Anne frank live when they go hiding?

They lived in Amsterdam

Where had anne frank been before she was forced into hiding?

She had been in Amsterdam

Where did Anne Frank live when she was young?

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Her family moved to Amsterdam when she was 4. In 1942 when she was 13, her family went into hiding (living in hidden rooms in an office building).

When and why did the frank family go into hiding?

The Frank family went into hiding in 1942 and they went into hiding so they wouldn't be executed by Adolf Hitler.

What does het achterhuis mean in English?

It means "secret annex house" and refers to the hiding place of Anne Frank and her family in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Where do anne frank and her family live before they go into hiding?

They lived at 37 Merwedeplein, South Amsterdam. It was a large second floor apartment.

Why did Anne Frank stop hiding?

The Frank family did not stop hiding, they were betrayed to the Germans.

Where was Anne Frank hiding?

She has hiding in an annexe right above her dad's business offices in Holland, Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Where is Anne Franks house located?

The house weher Anne Frank and family hid during World war II is located at Prinsengracht 263, Amsterdam. before the family went into hiding they lived at Merwedeplein 37 in Amsterdam

When did Anne Frank into hiding?

Anne Frank and her family went into hiding on July 6, 1942.

Who is the ruler that put Anne frank and her family into hiding?

No Ruler. It was Otto Frank, Anne's father, who put himself and his family into hiding.

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