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Turkey is a country that is considered to be on the continent of Europe. Turkey is ruled or governed by presidents.

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Is Turkey a country all by itself?

Yes, it is. Turkey is an independent country and not ruled by anyone.

What European country was ruled by the Muslims?


Is Turkey Serbia's big brother?

No not in any sense. Serbia is mostly Orthodox Christian country while Turkey is Islam country. Turkey ruled over most part of todays Balkan for 300-400 years and there are some cultural similarities.

What country ruled the United Kingdom?

No country has ever ruled over the UK.

What country has Turkey as its capital?

turkey is a country that was once ruled by power hungry dynasty's but slave revolted and took it form the old leaders. today its capital today is Ankara

Which country ruled Bulgaria for almost five hundred years?

Ottoman Turkey

What power ruled over the country that Jesus grew up in?

The Roman government ruled over Palestine the country Jesus lived in.

Was India ruled by Nepal?

No.from past to till date neither Nepal ruled other country nor let other country to ruled over .

What country did Cleopatra rule over?

Cleopatra ruled over Egypt.

Which country did aldolf Hitler rule over?

Hitler ruled over Germany.

Which country ruled the Philippines for over 300 years?


What is name on first lady ruled over the country?


Vietnam was ruled by what country in 1883-1945?

France ruled over Vietnam from 1887-1954.

How is turkey governed?

Turkey is ruled by democratically elected parliament

Did Athens take over land so the land would protect them in war?

the ancientGreeks ruled over Greece and Bulgaria and turkey.

Catherine The Great ruled which country?

The monarch, Catherine the Great, rules over the country Russia.

What is a sentence for dictator?

one dictator has ruled the country over the years.

What city did King Tutankhamun rule over?

he ruled the country Egypt.

What country ruled over much of Scandinavian and the British Isles?


What country ruled over much of Scandinavia and the british isles?


Which country was ruled by a single dynasty over 2000 years?


What country ruled over India before it gained independence?


How is the country Turkey spelled in Turkey?

The country Turkey is spelled as "Türkiye" in Turkey.

What country has the least control over Euphrates river flow?


What country did Elizabeth 1 rule?

Queen Elizabeth I ruled over England.