Who said 'As the twig is bent so grows the tree'?

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This was said by Alexander Pope in his 1734 Epistle to Cobham.
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Why is it said trees are blessing in disguise?

Trees help the environment in so many ways. The country of Israel began a tree-planting campaign years ago, and the result was that a land of arid desert became a fertile field where now wonderful fruit trees grow, and the soil erosion has been averted. Planting enough trees can even cause climate c ( Full Answer )

Is it okay to plant Clematis near a tree so that it grows up the tree ie as if it were a trellis?

Answer . No. Do not let anything grow on you tree as if it were a trellis. The viney plant will eventually block the sun from the tree and it will die.. Answer . The above answer is correct. Don't plant anything at the base of a tree that will climb the tree. Although Clematis is not as bad a ( Full Answer )

Why do trees grow?

Because they are living things and all living things grow. Trees must grow taller to better access sunlight, especially if there are other trees or anything else nearby that would cast shade on them. As the tree grows taller, it also has to grow wider to prevent being blown over by the wind. Below g ( Full Answer )

How do trees grow?

Most tree seeds take root where they fall to the ground. Some are "planted" by squirrels or birds which collect them for food. Humans plant a tiny fraction of trees. Tree growth occurs as trees pull water and nutrients from the soil. Curiously, most of the tree's mass actually comes from carbon b ( Full Answer )

How do you grow a tree?

plant it in the winter, and let it dry out like any other plant and it will grow, grow, grow! BUT, growing trees can be hard. and also very dificult to throw at people.

How do you grow bent grass for golf courses?

It requires daily watering and mowing. That is why golf greens are made mostly of sand to help drain the water and keep the grass aerated. Bent grass doesn't like soggy roots that's why topsoil isn't used. They usually fertilize it once or twice a year.

What is said to be the hole in tree?

Answer . A dead end. When driving down an unfamiliar dirt road that keeps getting narrower one might jokingly say 'it looks like this road is going to end in a tree hole'.

How can a tree grow?

By planting a seed and watering it.. Trees increase in height by building new cells from the apical meristem at the top of the tree. The trunk expands in diameter by producing new cells around the circumference from the vascular cambium, which produces xylem and phloem to transport food and water, ( Full Answer )

How does a tree grow?

Seeds and Grafting . Some trees grow from seeds, such as evergreen trees. Other trees need to be grafted, such as is the case for most fruit trees. Grafting is when the part of a stem containing the leaf buds is taken from a fruit tree of one species and attached to the trunk of an established ( Full Answer )

Who said why is it so?

"I said so." is a statement usually uttered by a person who doesnot wish to defend a position with logical argument and thereforeuses their authority to stop an inquiry that is undesirable,exhaustive, or requires more information than the recipient canreadily give.

Why do tree roots grow so big?

Tree roots grow so big so they can collect the water supply to send up to the tree and plus its growing and the bigger the plant is the bigger its roots are sometimes !

How do you harvest apple seeds so they can be used to grow apple trees?

1 Pick an apple that you like and save the seeds. To save seeds for a period of time, place them in an envelope and keep in a cool, dry area, that is preferrably dark. to grow, place them in a damp paper towel and then fold it into quarters. Place the towel into a plastic bag and put into the refrig ( Full Answer )

Where do trees grow?

Trees grow everywhere except for the oceanic and arctic regions. They sometimes will not live in deserts, depending on the desert climate.

Can you kiss a tree and then the tree will grow?

Yes. Trees that have never been kissed also grow just fine. It is doubtful occulations improve silviculture, though care should be taken in any test the subject does not breathe on the tree, as the added CO2 may yield a slight benefit, skewing results.

What is the function of twigs in a tree?

They act as stems in a non woody plant. They contain Xylem andphloem to transport sugar and assimilates up and down the plantbetween the source and sink.

Where do trees get the stuff to grow so big?

Well the the root grow so big so they can collect the water and the top of the trees grow so big to make shade to the bottom of the tree so the water does not evaporate

Why are high bamboo trees bent?

The taller it is, the heaver. Basically to keep BALANCE. You wouldn't want a tree falling on something?

Light that is bent is said to be?

Light that bend called 'refracted' or refraction of light and that turn back is called 'reflected' or rflection of light.

Where do trees grow from?

It grows from the soil. Trees increase in height by building new cells from the apical meristem at the top of the tree. The trunk expands in diameter by producing new cells around the circumference from the vascular cambium, which produces xylem and phloem to transport food and water, and the cork ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning 'As the twig is bent so grows the tree'?

when one part of the tree is bent to a certain direction the tree will grow in that direction. This implies the way you teach your child to grow is the same way he or she will follow. This 'twig/tree' concept, combines with the concept that 'you will reap, what you sow'. If you sow wheat, you will ( Full Answer )

Does the hickory tree grow on a tree?

This is a common myth, the hickory tree actually grows on the hyptheom vine which is commonly used as fertilizer and also a main ingredient in meth labs.

Why do so few trees grow on grasslands?

Grasslands generally have poor soil and limited amounts of moisture. If you notice that the grasslands do have trees on the rivers and creeks. or They use to have some really intense beavers.

Can a tree grow within a tree?

I assume the asker is referring to normal trees other than parasitic species that actively target established trees.....but the answer is.....YES. If a seed (whether dispersed by wind, bird or animal) finds a suitable place to germinate it will attempt to grow. Often a cavity in a tree or a suitable ( Full Answer )

Can a tree grow in you?

No, a tree would need sunlight. Sunlight wouldn't get past your throught. No a tr

Who said I speak for the trees in The Hobbit?

nobody said that in the hobbit. the book you're talking about is The Lorax, in which a small brown creature, the Lorax, indeed, speaks for the trees

Do red oak trees have twigs?

Yes. I just finished raking about 3 wheelbarrow loads of twigs from our red oaks.

Why is Michael Myers so hell bent on killing Jamie?

Halloween 4-6 (Jamie's movies) works on the basis that Michael was cursed as a young boy and to get rid of the curse and obtain peace, he must kill his family, once he does the curse will then be passed on to someone else.

Why is Obama so hell bent on ruining this country?

He is determined to effect change. This was even his campaign slogan. Most people must have wanted change because the majority voted for him. Some of the changes he has made were not well received by everyone, but almost nothing is agreed upon by 100 percent of the people. The people who support the ( Full Answer )

Why do coconut is said to be a tree of life?

Because coconuts are rich in many kinds of nutrients and provide a lot of calories and fats. they are also easily stored. Fronds can also be used as thatching for the roof of a shelter.