Who said 'Be careful what you wish for because it might come true'?

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Its more of a proverb than a quote. I don't think anybody knows who said it first.
Its lessons are made famous in plays like "The tale of the Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs.

Actually it was quote that Jezebel used to say as well. Those confusing words go back way back to Jezebel in the biblical times. I know you probably never heard of this but it was something she used to say. It is meant to confuse. It is witchcraft. It is only effective if you choose to listen to it. I am personally not a wish maker.
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Can a birthday wish come true?

Answer . Theoreticly you have 12 hours until you can tell people, and it will come true.. as said by most horoscopial masters.

Why don't wishes come true?

Not everyone gets what they want, exactly when they want it. You have to work for what you want.

Can wishes come true?

Yes, honey. Sometimes you get what you wish for exactly and then it's missing a component that you never considered. Be careful with your wishes and dont ask for too much. Good luck with your hopes, dreams and wishes. Stay on your path of work and fullfillment and enlighten and helping out humanity ( Full Answer )

Can a wish come true?

To be truthful, wishes cannot come true just because you wished it. If one of your wishes come true, it is completely coincidential and has nothing to do with the fact that you dreamt of making it come true.. Alternate Answer - The Make a Wish Foundation seem to think so.

How can a wish come true?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a wish coming true, it is just luck if one does.

How do You Make wishes come true?

realwishes.com Or spells. Here's an example. (You don't have to use it, try a different spell.) Take a white candle and set it a few feet away from you. If you are 13-18, place a candle to your left. If over 18, to the right. Place a black candle in front of you. Light the candles, except b ( Full Answer )

How can you make your wishes come true?

Different Opinions: There is no definite way to making a wish come true. The best way to make a wish come true is hope and persevere. Plus, you need to work toward your wish in order for it to come true, it won't come true on its own. . Answer #1: Pray to god Answer #2: a. Define your wis ( Full Answer )

Can wishes really come true?

Yes. With the necessary will power you can make your wildest dreams come true. I sincerely recommend watching "The Secret". You will know how to achieve your dreams and wishes.

How do you make your wishes come true?

"if u belive in the wishe that u wished upon it will come true as i always say just belive in u and other poeple." This is only a partial answer to how to make your wish come true. Yes, belief is the critical first step to making your wish come true. It is only the first step. At this stage of ( Full Answer )

Wish your dream come true?

Wish your dream come true? Yes and here is my side. When I was 13 years old at Maclay Junior High School I met a girl on Monday, 17 April 1978 that I thought would be my dream come true,but she had no intention of continuing a relation of any kind. She played a prank 7 years later when she said she ( Full Answer )

If you wish on a shooting star does the wish come true?

Well about the shooting star, you are wrong, it comes true, you never try it, read others, When i wish i went to Hong Kong to Disney land with all my family in the shooting star, it came true, you have been wrong, i enjoyed my life and i wished that when i was 6, And last, it only works if you belie ( Full Answer )

Can any wish come true?

yes it can but it depends like a birthday wish can come true but a regular wish on a candle it wont come true . Unfortunately to some people,not but if you believe,maybe it will but I dont know so I hope this helps and I hope all your positive wishes come true

Can you make a wish come true like a money wish?

One Pagan's View . Money or Prosperity spells are common. Working in the correct house and phase of the moon, using a strong spell and having the strength of belief will help. As will asking for what you need, and be specific. . If you need to pay off some debt, then let the gods/universe know ( Full Answer )

Can wishes come true overnight?

Oh, wishes are really something. Some people say "Wishes do come true." Some people say "It's all a scam." But, over night, it really depends on the wish. A lot of beleif and hope always helps. A love wish always comes natrually, and love cannot be forced. Money, needs patience, maybe hope, but mo ( Full Answer )

Can your wish really come true?

If what you are wishing for is within the realm of possibility,yes. But simply wishing for something won't make it happen. Itcould happen by chance, or it could happen because of something youdo. Things get done by action, not wanting.

If my crush said best wishes is because he loves you?

i dont think the person is saying they love you. I think it's more of a good luck or a way of saying have a good day and hoping for the best for you. I wouldn't read too much into it.

If my crush said Best wishes to you is because he loves me?

Not to be rude, but likely no. He may love you, I cannot tell from this information, but if this is the only standing proof that he loves you than no, he does not. If he really loves you, he'll let you know, but for now, don't break down everything he says to you in an attempt to find a reason that ( Full Answer )

Make a wish come true?

According to some pagans, just willing a wish to come true will make it come true but often not the way you'd expect it. For example: You wish to get 1 million dollars, your mum might die and you'd inherit 1 million dollars from her; the wish works just not the way you want it to. A Pagan Perspec ( Full Answer )

Do wishes on a shooting come true?

yes my uncle has seena lot of shooting stars and most of them had come true he said you have to whisper your wish but not say it aloud.

How can you get a wish to come true?

You can't just 'wish' something to happen, but with hard work you can make your own or even other people's wishes come true.

How do you get your wishes to come true?

1. Go to www.real-wishes.com. 2. According to songwriters Ned Washington and Leigh Harline, "when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true". However, this hypothesis has yet to be tested under laboratory conditions.

When you wish from a star will it come true?

Its is true that shooting stars cannot grant wishes on their own. They are like cars, they need a driver to reach their destination. But for me a wish is more likely to come true if you wish on normal stars as well as shooting ones. In the evening when I see the first star of the night I say "Star l ( Full Answer )

How do you get your wishes to come true if you are not religious?

You don't have to be religious to have wishes and whose to say that only the religious have wishes come true? What we do makes wishes come true. If I wish to go to Paris, France then it is up to me to do the things I need to do to get there. Action brings action and not sitting around dreaming about ( Full Answer )

Can your wish come true?

Definatly. Wishes come true all the time. Let's hope mine and your come true some time.

Is it true that wishes can come true?

If the thing you are wishinf for is actually possible, then sure.However, wishing for something does not make it happen. So thechances of your wish coming true are just the same as if you hadn'twished for it unless you do something to make it happen.

How do birthday wishes come true?

A birthday wish can only come true if you truly believe,and I mean not just suddenly believe because "I told you to"

Can birthday wishes come true?

Yes, birthday wishes can come true, especially if you wish for something that is already likely to happen. For example, if your two older brothers received dirt bikes for their 11th birthdays and you wish for a dirt bike for your 11th birthday, history would indicate that your wish just might come ( Full Answer )

If you wish on a comit does the wish come true?

No... not exactly. Wishes don't come true its just beliefs and fairy tales!!! But there can be a coincidence sometimes, for example, if you wish that school would be cancelled tomorrow, there is still a chance that it may actually come true. You might wake up tomorrow and it's snowing.

Does wish stones make wishes come true?

I know u can make wishes come true go to this website it actually works !! : ) u can even read everyones stories about their wishes coming true give it a go if u want u don't have to believe me if you don't want to but it actually works if you don't believe me the your little problem because i ( Full Answer )

Can your wish come true on a shooting star?

Yes, Except for people who watch the skies a lot, like weather specialists or astronomers, it is rare to spot a shooting star. The period of time that meteors are incandescent-heated by friction with Earth's atmosphere and made to glow-usually lasts only a second or two before they burn up. For hund ( Full Answer )

How do you make a birthday wish come true?

It is possible to make a birthday wish come true. You need these things: Your birthday Pen Paper Flower Plant Write your birthday wish on a peice of paper. put the paper under the flower plant, and wait for your wish to come true. Credit 2 original

May you wishes and dream come true?

A dream is a wish your heart make ....... To tell you that the dreams you plan really can come true ,when you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are anything your heart desires 'll come to you Does a wish and dream come true . Of course ,yes .dream really do come true in this world.n ( Full Answer )

Can wishes ever magically come true?

I couldn't tell you, but keep dreaming, keep wishing and believe in magic. Otherwise how would you know ? Answer: Wishes and magic are not a part of the real world. Wishes (better referred to as the desire to have something) are more apt to come true if you make them come true by hard work. Ma ( Full Answer )

Can wishes actually come true?

Wishes can come true, so long as what you wish for is possible. Butwishing for something will not affect your chances of getting it.

Does dandelion wishes come true?

the answer is yes, i wished for my nails to be purple and what do you know?! the next day i painted them purple ;)

How will your wish come true soon?

You can't get something to happen simply by wishing for it. Thatwon't change anything. If there is something you want, so long asit is possible, then you can do someting to get it, so long as thedoing is legal and moral.

Why does wishes do not come true?

Wishes do not come true for people who do not put their effortsinto their wishes. Putting a little initiative or effort might makeyour wishes come true.

When would wishes come true?

They may come true over night!✴ if you are positive and vividdepending on your wish! NEVER WISH FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE!! NEVER WISHTO HARM OR HURT PEOPLE YOU NEVER KMOW IT MIGHT BACKFIRE BE AWARE!!