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Who said 'What you cannot create you cannot understand'?

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richard feynman

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Why goes greg heffley have such short hair?

I cannot answer that 'cause me don't understand what you said.

Can your partner feel NuvaRing?

My bf cannot (and he is large) and the nuvaring website said 90% cannot too. I still don't understand how he can't feel it, but he cant.

How old do you have to be to create a Gmail?

You have to be a minimum 13 years to create a Gmail. The Gmail has decided this age for children. It is because children before this age cannot understand all features.

What does it mean if you cannot see the person in your dream?

If the person is someone you know, the dream means that you do not clearly understand this person. Consider how the word "see" is used in conversation. You might explain something then ask, "see?" in the sense, "do you understand what I said?" The dream puts that into a literal image; you cannot see (the person) in the sense that you fail to understand.

What is a good sentence for cannot?

I cannot understand your question

Can babies understand each other?

No. They cannot understand eathother.

What do you understand by remedy of specific performance?

That if damages cannot be awarded, a court may order that a person in breach of contract do what they said they would do under the contract.

Can dogs really understand us?

They cannot understand your words but they can understand your feelings to a certain extent.

What might scientist create to understand how something works?

they could create a machine

Who said 'She said I didn't understand children much' in To Kill a Mockingbird?

The quote 'She said I didn't understand children much' is said by Uncle Jack in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. It was Scout who said this to him.

Even though you understand nothing or even though you understand anything which of these should be right nothing or anything?

I can be:I don't understand anything you just saidI understand nothing of what you just saidEither one

Which would help a lawyer create a friendly tone?

A casual and informal tone would help a lawyer create a friendly tone. When lawyers speak of legal matters which most people cannot understand, it can often seem unfriendly.

Should you say not understand or not understanding when you cannot understand what the other person has told?

Say, "I don't understand."

How can you create your own Pokemon?

You cannot create your own Pokemon.

Can you create a character on teken 6?

No, you cannot create characters

What actors and actresses appeared in I Cannot Understand You - 2004?

The cast of I Cannot Understand You - 2004 includes: Sandra Kelberlau Klaus Ruprecht

Why did God create angles?

Son, to understand God is like to understand women, you just can't do it.

How do you create compassion?

you cannot "create" compassion. It comes from within a person.

How to create methods in constructor?

You cannot create methods inside a constructor

Does this your the computer slow?

Question understand, I cannot.

A paragraph explains how to do create or understand something?


An paragraph explains how to do create or understand something?


A paragraph that explains how to do create or understand something?


How do you say i cannot understand Spanish in Spanish?

No le entiendo al españolNo entiendo el español*It's not necessary to translate the verb "cannot" since if you don't understand it is because you cannot.

What is the differences between understand and understood?

Understood - James understood that he cannot go out. Understand- He doesn't understand why he can't lift.