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"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

- Dr. Seuss

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โˆ™ 2010-11-29 03:40:51
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Q: Who said Be yourself because the people who care don't matter and the people who matter don't care or something like that?
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Something that people want will almost always be somewhat scarce no matter how much of it physically exists because?

If there is something that people want, it will almost always be somewhat scare, no matter how much of it physically exists because of high demand. High demand always leads to low supplies.

How would you judge if people are looking at you behind your back?

i would just ignore them and keep walking because it doesnt matter what people say or thing about you. you cant change yourself just stay away from trouble like that. and never change yourself. BE YOURSELF!!

What is the important of honesty?

so that people can trust you and it is better to be honest about something because you will find yourself in more trouble for lying

Why are humans such ignorant people?

Because they fell into the delusion that other people don’t matter. After that, you can pretty much tell yourself any lie, and end up believing it, because that one is the biggest lie of all.

Why do you consider yourself unique?

A unique person is one who does their own thing. They don't do something because it is trendy, they do it because they prefer it and do not normally care what people think about them.

Are people matter?

Yes, people are matter. That's because we are organisms (living things).

Why does edward answer complications when Bella asks him What is the matter when a bunch of people walk past?

It is because he read their minds and knew something was wrong.

When a boy says to you that he likes it when you finger yourself in front of him does he really mean it?

Probably because it's not something you here people say everyday.

Why do people engaged in team sports?

They engage, because it's always a better way to play a sport and it also, in a way, gets you started for the world. It teaches you how to work with other people, not just yourself. Because you can't work by yourself, no matter how much you want to, you can't do alot without someone else there to help.

Why internal beauty important?

Beacause even if you look good on the outside, if you are mean and stuck-up and don't care about anyone but yourself...then people won't really like you. you need to show compassion and care about other people and what really matters to them, then it won't matter how "beautiful" you are on the outside because people will love you for you and how you present yourself:)

Why can't you talk to the people in the twilight realm?

Because you're like a ghost in the twilight realm. To you they look like ghosts because of the transparency, but since you absorbed some of the dark matter, you can see them. They can't see you since they have no dark matter. Or something like that but it doesn't really matter anyway.

What is a self reliance?

Something that you have to do your self or to rely on yourself and not other people!

How to get people to fall in love with ugly people?

Just be nice and be yourself, it doesn't matter what you look like, people should like you for who you are.

Why does it matter what image people have of Jesus?

Because it is a matter of eternal life or death.

Why are you not taken seriously?

Maybe because you don't have a serious expression on your face when you say something or because you're not taking yourself seriously when you say something. Maby because you mess about alot and play pranks people wont stand for that or belive anything you say....

Are people made up of matter Do they have mass?

yes, people are made of matter. people have mass because we take up space.

Is there a such thing as magic?

No, magic is not real. Some people may believe in magic because something unusual happens, but it is just natural, and a matter of science.

Why can't matter be destroyed?

Matter can't be destroyed because its not able to be destroyed people need matter.

Why is being liked for being yourself important?

It is very important to be liked for yourself, because if you're liked for something you're not, then it means that you yourself are not really being liked. This means that the people who like you like only an illusion of you. It leaves you only with unhappiness and people you can't be honest with.also you dont get in anybodys bussiness.

Who said age is something that doesn't matter unless you are a cheese?


How do people describe matter?

they describe it as, something that takes up space

When i try to fit in people say your just trying to be cool your not cool why?

Because you're trying to be something you're not. Rather thsn try to fit in, be yourself and make friends with people who can accept you for who you are

What might a student do that their teacher caught something embarrassing?

This question can't be answered because it has to matter what or how your teacher reacts but, most people can keep it as a secret like "you and me".

What are people referring to when they say that something is a matter of divine intervention?

Usually when something is a matter of divine intervention, something so spectacular happens that a higher power is believed to have intervened. This is more commonly known as a miracle.

Who am i'?

You are infinitely complex. You are the only person that you can keep rearranging and molding and learning most about, starting from the inside. You must be able to trust yourself and accept yourself, because other people will feel this and will want to be near you. You are alive and wonderful. There is nobody else on the planet like you. You can do anything. The possibilities are endless. You can keep making assumptions about yourself, but you will always keep learning new things about yourself every day. The important thing to remember is to accept yourself as you are. No matter what. this will make life much easier for you. And people will respect you, because they will be drawn to your confidence.

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