Who said I'm famous in Guam?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: Who said I'm famous in Guam?
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How do you say im from Guam in Spanish?

(yo) soy de Guam (It's not essential to say the 'yo' - 'I')

How did Guam get its name?

the chamorro word is guahan but the Americans couldn't get it so they said Guam

Is the rainbow ever dark?

it is true in guam we believe it would come it came im guam science teacher mr.mechi

What is the Guam royal families last names?

There was no monarchy on Guam. It had village chiefs. Quipuha being the most famous.

How do ferns make Jamaica famous?

i don't now that's why im asking im just 11. and my teacher said we must look how ferns made Jamaica famous so please help ok ..................

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Anne Frank herself to Mr. Van Dann

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im a very famous singer so i think im pretty much 100% famous

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im famous than them im winnie cafino

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Jenny said im despicable!

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can you make me famous Im 9

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Pee Wee Herman

Can you leave off island from Saipan to Guam if im on probation for DUI?

Your probation documents should spell out what restrictions, if any, you may have.