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I think the quotation you're thinking of is: When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing - they believe in anything. This was said by GK Chesterton.

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What are people who don't believe in anything called?

nihillists. athiests dont believe in God

What kind of health insurance do the duggars have?

they dont because they believe that god will get them through anything

Does Shakira believe in god?

yes shakira believe in god she said

What are the Transcendentalist view of god?

I dont know for sure, but Transcendentalists believe that they can transcend to a higher plain of existances. From this belif i would say they dont believe in God unless some believe there transcending to Heaven to be with God. I dont know really,but i think its safe to say they dont believe in him.

What did the boers believe was ordained by god in relation to racial differences?

they dont believe in god

Is john frusciante Christian?

I dont know, but his lyrics do seem that way.

What does athin mean?

you dont believe in god

What makes Christians believe that God can do anything?

Faith. Faith is a gift from God, and a choice is made to embrace that faith. Christians choose, by faith, to believe that God can do anything.

How can you tell your family you don't believe in god?

If that were me, i would simply tell them that i have other beliefs and that i dont feel as strongly in god. also i would just tell them why i feel i dont believe in god and then hope they dont mind it.

Would it be hypcritical to say God if you are a Buddist?

No. I heard a venerable Buddhist Monk say "Oh God" today on the radio and as he said "its just an engligh saying". Anyway, Buddhists dont mind the concept of God - they just dont believe he created the earth

What is the one thing the gnostics believe about god?

Agnostics do not believe anything about God. Agnostics do not believe in any type of religion.

Is computer believe that GOD is there in heaven?

Computers are machines, they do not believe in anything.

How do you translate god man?

i dont know this for sure but i dont think this word god man means anything

Who said 'The God that you don't believe in I also don't believe in'?

According to one source the origin is as follows:"Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berditchev, a Ukrainian Hassidic master, had a retort to a self-declared atheist in the town. He approached him one day and said, “you know, I don’t believe in the same God you don’t believe in.” The transcendent, vengeful, distant, patriarchal God that so many reject, I reject too. I don’t believe in that God! So, now what? "

Is it neccercely to see god to believe in him?

no it is not you dont need to see something to believe in it

Person who dont believe in god known as?


What are people called when they dont believe in god?

Well I don't believe in God and I only categorize myself as a non-believer. Agnostic is a term used for people who are not sure if there is a God or not. Atheist is a term used for people who do not believe in God. I find it quite ridiculous we have to categorize ourselves as anything...Christians, Jewish, Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist etc.

Why don't kids believe in god nowadays?

not all kids do not believe in god. some do, some dont. it's their decision.

Do Christians believe three gods?

No Christians believe that there is one God and that God can do anything so they don't believe that there needs to be three gods.

Did Saint Clare believe in anything?

She believes in God.

Is Breaking Benjamin a religious band?

They've never said anything about that before, but they do believe in god as they mentioned him in some of their songs like give me a sign

Is God involved in our birthdays?

If God is involved with everything, then he is involved with our birthdays. If you believe in a god then it/he/she can be involved in your whole life. If on the other hand you do not believe in a god, then it/he/she can not be involved in anything.

Do cole and Dylan believe in God?

well of course they do. i think there christian but i dont know. but i just know that they believe in god who wouldnt?

Where in the world is barnsley?

england...god dont you know anything!!

How do you call someone who believe in god but not god from bible?

If someone decides not to believe that there is not a God, then that is their choice - why the need to call them anything - live and let live.