Who said It's not that I'm afraid of death I just don't want to be there when it happens?

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Woody Allen.
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What can you do if you told your ex-girlfriend you loved her but she said it's too late and she needed to hear it before and now just wants to be friends but you can't accept this and want her back?

Answer . Sometimes it takes a break-up for even couples to realize they really loved each other. In this world today saying, "I love you" almost is treated like a dirty word or "uncool." It's never uncool! Never be afraid to tell anyone you love them because one day it may be too late.\n. \nI ( Full Answer )

What are good 18th birthday ideas I don't want anything too big just things I can do with my friends. I'm the oldest so clubbing is out. Can you help me?

Answer . Athletic? Try a day at a rock climbing wall. A restaurant is always nice. Trip to a park. Movies or theatre. Something that you normally would do together as a group only bigger. I had a friend order a massage therapist and she and her friends had facials and stuff. I had ( Full Answer )

What happens to a business after the death of it's owner?

Owner's heirs will take over the business or someone who knows about the business will take over the job. It should not be discontinued. If the heirs do not take care of the company properly then the business might be lost.

How can bronchitis be cured you are afraid that your girlfriend has it and you don't want it to affect her vocal chords If it does I am afraid of losing communication with her I don't want that?

Here is a group of medication to treat it get medication from the doctor, it cannot be cured but well new research studies are proving it wrong one of my family members is a lab specialist working with cancer cells and stuff similar to this and they're on their way to finding or maybe even getting r ( Full Answer )

How do you start puberty earlier I really want to but I don't want to gain weight. I'm not looking for things saying girl you don't want to start puberty or stuff like that please just give me a real?

If you could find a Doctor that was willing to risk his reputation he might be able to get the ball rolling with the right sort of hormone treatment. But Regardless of what was asked it seems that waiting a few years would be a healthier and less risky option not to mention the cost. But, you will b ( Full Answer )

Who said 'It's not just a job it's an adventure'?

That used to be an recruitment slogan for the US Navy. It was given to the Navy by Ken Mackay in boot camp toward the end of training during an interview. It was his answer to the question: "Why did you join the Navy?" He got high test scores and a commendation while in boot camp and the Navy was i ( Full Answer )

Who said this quote I don't want to survive I want to live?

The captain of the ship that all the humans in Wall-E by Pixar. He said this when he had found out all about the planet they had deserted since it had supposedly become unable to sustain life. When he attempted to take the ship back to Earth, the ships 'Autopilot', a robot meant to control the shi ( Full Answer )

I want to so bad but they are under child protective services and I'm not allowed to raise my voice or whip them. Oh you just don't know. And he's 5 he know better?

children of 5 push the boundrys and rules they like to test people but in no un certain circumstance should u hurt the child. instead explain what he has done an ask him how he can help make things right. for example if he wrecks a child's building block tower he could say sorry and help rebuild it ( Full Answer )

I am in 9th grade and I wish I was a dancer. I don't have any experience just school dances and people say I'm okay. I don't want to embarrass myself but I want to try dance. What should I do?

You should just dance your heart out. No one will really care since they'll be dancing the same time as you. So just bust your heart out. I never thought i could dance either around 6th grade....and i just watched some people, practiced a lot, and got the hang of it and now it's real easy. Don't wor ( Full Answer )

He said hold on I'm gonna get to you baby just hold on I'm gonna get to you waite a minute how can i tell you I'm not the same you want me to sit and waite but time's gonna get away from you no more?

This was an R&B Duet recorded sometime in the early 80's right? I saw the video on BET way back when it was hosted by Donnie Simpson. I'm thinking it was Atlantic Starr. I also saw this Video on BET in the early 80's. At one point in the song, the guy says "Hold on, I'm gonna get to you, yo ( Full Answer )

She Don't Have Feelings For me Anymore when she said it she said sorry and didn't want to hurt me and was crying could she just be confused but she still wants to marry and start a family with me?

What she is telling you that she isn't in love with you but loves you as a friend and doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Or she is having second thoughts about getting married,your question is sorta confusing with two sentences running together. She doesn't want to hurt you because she knows your a ( Full Answer )

If you like this 7th grade guy but you don't know if he likes you and you went out before and he said he just wanted to be friends now but he lately you like him a lot and you want to go out with him?

Dont get your hopes up. Most of the time, if a boy says "just friends", he means it. The only way that could change is if HE says he likes you like that still. 7th grade isn't the time to worrying about stuff like that. only 5% of 7-8th grade relationships ever last longer than a trimester.

There is this guy and he like this girl but I like him and the girl and I don't know if I am gay or not and I'm so confused and I just want to know if I'm straight this is soo confusing what to do?

Just stop and think. Are you attracted as a friend or do you have a true physical attraction to this boy. You could just be experiencing "blind love" meaning you love him for his personality and do not take the physical being into account (sex, race,..ect).. Ask yourself; one, is he the ONLY boy yo ( Full Answer )

What should happen to Karl in my book that I'm writing - he's a werewolf who isn't very nice but i don't want him to die?

In works of fiction it is always interesting to see see growth and development in characters. So, if we don't want this werewolf to die, even though he isn't very nice, perhaps he will at some point realize that he should have been nicer, and will change the way he does things. Perhaps he can find a ( Full Answer )

I just broke up with my boyfriend and I cant stop thinking about him i want to get back with him and he said i don't know when I asked him back out what should I do?

That happened with me and my boyfriend shortly before I left for Europe. My trip forced us to not talk at all for 9 days. When I got back, I received a text from him saying "I miss talking to you". Things were much better after that. Point being, the only thing you can and should do is give him sp ( Full Answer )

Who said it's not how good you are it's how bad you want it?

That saying is used by David Maister and the first time he said this was in 2006. He dropped out of college and finally figured out that he wanted to be a teacher because he loved children and being around them. But I saw this phrase already in the early 90's on a t-shirt from No Fear.

If you want to marriage but his presants don't agree with him..just because u have not much money..in the end of the day boy said he doesn't want to hurt his presants..that right?

Allow me to rephrase that; You want to marry a boy whose parents oppose your marriage because your poor and he agrees with them. It's not right. The man has to provide for the family, so it shouldn't matter if your poor or not. Also, the parents should have no say in his decision. And finally, his d ( Full Answer )

I get tonsilitis very frequently I'm afraid and I really don't want to have them removed but I get a puppy if I do does it hurt?

It hurts. No one with any sense will tell you otherwise. The surgery itself is completely painless, but when you awaken you will have a sore throat. I have an overwhelming urge to tell you, supportively and with good humor, to 'get a grip'. This is not the only uncomfortable thing you will feel in l ( Full Answer )

I'm going out with a boy and we don't speak it's going to end if we don't and i don't want it to but I'm embarrassed what should i do?

You definitely have to talk to him if you don't want it to end. Write him a text message, a mail or ask him directly whether something's wrong, ask him why you're not talking. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. You're worried about your relationship and that's only normal, but you have to show ( Full Answer )

Who said I'm just about average in charlotte web?

You're probably thinking of Charlotte. Because when Wilbur first meets her, he mentions that she's beautiful, and Charlotte responds that she just an average common gray spider.

I want to convert to Islam but I'm worried it might just be a phase so how do I know for sure it's not just a phase?

, I am very happy for your decision to convert to Islam, which is our way to God's love, Eternal Paradise, and to salvation from Hellfire. In short, to convert to Islam and become a Muslim you need to pronounce with a voice that you can hear and with conviction and understanding its meaning: ( Full Answer )

I want to try anal but I'm afraid my boyfriend will prefer it to vaginal?

Yeah, cause he will.... Another opinion: Anal sex is just another variation of sexual behavior. Just like oral sex and the 64 positions of Kama-Sutra. One does not perform just one activity. Each has it's advantages and emotions with it. There are times when vaginal sex and the various positions a ( Full Answer )

How do you start a teen relationship. I don't know much about dating and how it works I'm also afraid of asking a girl I don't want my parents to break us up and I'm Asian. Please Help?

You can take part in school activities with her. Outside activitiesreally depend on your ability to be independent in your activities.It sounds like you are not currently able to do this, given yourfamilial relationship. However, life as a teen does change as yougrow older and so the outlook for you ( Full Answer )