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Q: Who said by best is the enemy of the good?
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What is the point of an nth term?

"If 'good enough is enemy of the best' then 'best enough is enemy of the nth' ."

The enemy of your friend is your friend?

the enemy of my frend is my frend >>meaning your frend enemy is your best frend imagine the way it said that is all explaination

Who said 'The best revenge is to be unlike your enemy'?

Marcus Aurelius - The best revenge is to be unlike to one who performed the injustice (or who performed the injury) Or, the best revenge is not to be like your enemy.

How do you make your best friend your enemy?

You do that by betray him/her, but why do you want to lose such good relationship?

Who said the enemy of your enemy is your friend?

don't you get it? Lets say you have an enemy, and your friend has to hate that person too, so the enemy of your enemy is your friend!

One of your good friend trust one of your worst enemy can you still trust the good friend?

Everyone is an individual and sometimes personalities clash, but that does not mean your good friend's personality clashes with the person you consider your worst enemy. Communicate to your best friend how you feel about this situation and if they say they are still your best friend, but like your worst enemy then you have no choice but to believe them. Quote: 'Keep your enemies close!'

the Philippines enemies?

There is no enemy for the people of a country. if they are said that they have, the enemy is the one who makes them believe it.

When was The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good created?

The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good was created in 2003.

What do you do when your best friend is getting taken by your enemy?

Take away the enemy's best friend.

What is the best to test your enemy in battle for Middle-earth 2?

The best way to test your enemy is to send waves like the evil did in the good campain 7. i did and it worked out, the last wave was the best because the first 2 were weaking him the last ended him.

What is a kenning for babysitter?

A children lover Timmy Turner's enemy a good cooker

Who said Prepare for what your enemy can do not what you think he will do?