Who said the phrase 'All humor is irony but not all irony is humor'?

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Simon Pegg
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What is irony?

Irony is a verbal or situational context involving outcomes thatare either unexpected, unanticipated, or actually the opposite ofwhat they should be. A statement may be intended to mean theopposite what it normally means, or an event can occur that isunexpected. Sometimes it can be so unexpected tha ( Full Answer )

What are the benefits of humor?

Laughing is very healthy. Every 10 seconds you laugh adds 10 seconds on to your life. . You can get relief from stress through humor.

What is the origin of the phrase Oh Arturo Prince of Irony?

Brett Butler, a Southern born comedienne, did a stand-up bit many years ago (circa 1990s?). After a show in New York City, a guido with a monstrously thick NYC accent came up to her and said, "I coult nevah live down Sout'...peepul soun' so stoopit when dey tawlk." Her response was, "Oh Arturo, Prin ( Full Answer )

What is black humor?

Black humor is when a comedian takes serious or "dark" subject andmakes it humorous. This is a sub-genre of comedy and satire as itrelies on cynicism, skepticism, and sarcasm in it's employment andoften revolves around topics like tragedy or death. Example: The Darwin Awards (a website about an ann ( Full Answer )

When did humor start?

whenever it felt like starting. cavemen could of been comedians!. George Bush was the first modern one.

What rhymes with humor?

bloomer boomer groomer roomer rumor tumor. Stupor Rhymes not rims. Rumor. The question is funny if you look up the other definition - it's off color. sumer doomer rumor

What are the four humors?

According to the beliefs of ancient Greek and Roman physicians they are black bile, yellow bile, phlegm and blood, this is right but... Black bile is when you eat something and vomit after Yellow Bile is the same or could be coughed out Blood and phlegm can be sneezed out your nose or coughed out

What does the aqueous humor do?

Within the eye are two humors, the vitreous and the aqueous. Thevitreous humor is the fluid within what is classically seen as theeyeball, the main white part. The aqueous humor is very similar incontent but is located between the chornea and lens, right at thevery front. So light passes through: ( Full Answer )

What is situational humor?

Situational humor depends on place for it's comedy. For instance, the SitCom is situational humor. Such comedies depend on where the person is, or what the person is doing to be funny. Some classic bits of situational humor are "Lucy and the candy factory" or "Vitametavegamin". Preposterous places f ( Full Answer )

What does humor you means?

To humor you means to go along with you. You might hear this said when someone is disagreeing, and the person wants them just to hear them out or to try things their way for a bit - they will say "Just humor me."

How do you do humor?

The keys to humor I have found are the correct uses of Irony, uniqueness, timing and the understanding of your surroundings. For example, irony makes people think irregularly and it skews with what should actually happen. Its funny because a human would never sniff a dogs butt although a dog would d ( Full Answer )

Example of humor?

Why Didn't the chicken cross the road? Because there was a KFC on the other side!

What is humoral?

It means belonging to hormones or chemicals . . It means to belong to "humors" which at one time people believed where out of balance if someone was ill. They often bled that person to make them come back into balance. Now it means involving bodily fluids.

Where is the humorous bone?

your HUMEROUS bone is in your upper arm I should know I broke mine it pirced into the muscle excruciatingly painful:]

What is irony and an example of irony?

irony is a reversial of expections. ie. : i loathe the puppy. you win the lottery, and get it all in 1$ bills. the yummey cake made me throw up... ect.

Compare and contrast how the use of irony in just lather that's all and the gift of the magi affects the mood of each story?

Well, the central irony to "Just Lather, That's All" is that thebarber feels that Captain Torres does not know that he is a rebelsympathiser, and thus he has his massive internal conflict overwhether to kill him or not. However, it is only after the shave, asCaptain Torres is leaving, that he reveal ( Full Answer )

Compare and Contrast the use of irony in Just Lather That's All and The Gift of the Magi?

Well, the central irony to "Just Lather, That's All" is that thebarber feels that Captain Torres does not know that he is a rebelsympathiser, and thus he has his massive internal conflict overwhether to kill him or not. However, it is only after the shave, asCaptain Torres is leaving, that he reveal ( Full Answer )

What does the phrase 'humor me' mean?

It means to do something just to please someone, or not to argue with or interrupt someone while they are proposing an idea.

Role and examples of irony and symbols in Miller's All My Sons?

Irony AND symbolism in how the apple tree falls down. Keller says, "he'd been 27 this month. And his tree blows down." Ironic how it means so little to Keller. He reads the newspaper while saying, "Isn't it awful? The wind must've got it last night. You heard the wind, didn't you?" The falling symbo ( Full Answer )

What is irony humor?

Irony Humor is when something ironic is funny. For example, if you were saying something like "What if Joe slipped that note in the wrong locker," and he did, that would be Ironic Humor.

Why humor is important?

1: It relieves tension, hence the term "comic relief". 2: It forces you to temporarily breathe more deeply than normal, hence the term "laughter is the best medicine". 3: Laughter IS contagious. 4: Ironic humor exposes society's ills.

Why is a poetry humorous why is a poetry humorous?

Because sometimes the poet feels like expressing his humor. Sometimes the poet does not have humor, so he/she does not express it. I as a poet has humor, so I express my humor in most of my poems. Sometimes a poet may have humor, but is not the type to express it in his/her poems. I am very glad to ( Full Answer )

The Most Dangerous Game said something about a sense of humor?

The humor here is Ironic. Rainsford said at the beginning that animals feel nothing while being hunted. The irony comes in when he is hunted by Zaroff. He feels lots of emotions. There is also the irony when Rainsford, a big game hunter becomes hunted by a better hunter.

How to get a sense of humor?

Do not take yourself so seriously, and laugh at the outragiousness of the inconsistencies, and ignorance in the world.. people are crazy! Do not take others so seriously either.. they often only mean what they say in the moment, or before they have more information or more maturity..

What is a sentence for humor?

When faced with an embarrassing situation, it helps to have a sense of humor about it.

What is to overwhelm with humor?

To overwhelm means to cause someone to be overcome with emotion, so that they cannot control themselves. To overwhelm with humor would be to us humor in order to cause someone to laugh uncontrollably. The implication here is that the other person is hostile, and you overwhelm them with your sense of ( Full Answer )

How do you spell humores?

Do you mean 'humorous? The English way is: H-U-M-O-U-R-O-U-S but the American way is H-U-M-O-R-O-U-S.

What is broad humor?

Someone with broad humor laughs at anything and finds humor anywhere. Also, laughing at people is considered 'broad' humor, andsome may refer to jokes about women (Broads) as broad humor.

Are chameleons humorous?

Yes because they have nice ways to get out of things like my chameleon always acts dumb when he sees to many colors

What anime has humor?

Well, that depends on what kind of humor you like. Out of the ones I've watched I'm found Lucky Star to be funny. So is Lovely Complex, Ouran High School Host Club and many others. If you go to Anime Season (see Related Links) then you can find and watch animes sorted by tags and stuff, so have a lo ( Full Answer )

What is a humorous paragraph?

A humorous paragraph is a paragraph that can either be very funny, or saracstically funny.

What is pun humor?

A word play suggesting two more more meanings. Example 'I used to have a fear of hurdles, but I got over it' Or ' The man who fell into a upholstery machine is now fully recovered'

What is the irony in out out?

the irony is that the boys hand gets cut off and while holding his hand apart from his body he still thinks that theres hope for his hand to get fixed or not to be cut by the doctor.

Do all autistic people lack a sense of humor?

No, not all autistic people lack a sense of humour. There is asaying in the autism community: once you've met one autisticperson...you've met one autistic person. autistic people are asdifferent and varied as neurotypical people.

How to use these two phrases Humor me Try me?

We have two characters person 1 and person 2. Person 1: I have a really good joke for you! Person 2: Humor me. Person 1: I bet I can beat you. Person 2: Try me.

What are the virtreous humor and agueous humor?

Since I found this question in the humor section the person asking is obviously someone who has earned their bones, so to speak. Since 'vitreous' has to do with objects resembling, or having the nature of glass or made from glass, I would assume that Vitreous Humor had to do with humor which was fai ( Full Answer )

What is the plural for humor?

The noun 'humor' is an uncountable noun as a word for thequality to find something funny (you either have it or you don't);a word for a mood or a state of mind. The plural noun 'humors' is also an uncountable noun as an obsoleteword for bodily fluids that were believed to determine the body'sheal ( Full Answer )

What does sense of humor?

although your question is worded oddly, i'm going to take it you mean what IS sense of humor? if so it is the ability to recognize a joke, and/or to make a joke. everyone has a different sense of humor.

What is Humor Advertising?

Humor advertising is a way of creating advertisements and attracting people through the use of humors and interesting facts and funny facts.

What humor is?

Humor is something that amuses you and you get to laugh because ofit. But there is also good and bad humor both. AND makes you laughreal hard.

What is the noun of to humor?

The word humor is both a noun and a verb . Examples: He has a good sense of humor. (noun) It does no harm to humor him. (verb)

Is there an irony in Shakespeare's poem all the world's a stage?

Irony is such a slippery term that it is difficult to say. Perhapsthe irony is that you and many others consider this to be a "famouspoem of Shakespeare", when it is not a poem at all, but just aspeech from one of his plays. Or perhaps the irony is that you takethis speech very seriously when it was ( Full Answer )