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Who sang Torrie Wilson's entrance video?

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"A Girl Like That" by Eleventh Hour.

2006-08-23 07:05:12
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Which artist sings Torrie Wilsons new entrance theme song?

LIllian GarciaAnswerNOT SURE BUT ITS CALLED 'NOT ENOUGH FOR ME'....I DONT THINK ITS LILIAN GARCIA-THAT WAS HER OLD ONE 'NEED A LITTLE TIME'and she also sings Candice Michelle theme as well and yeah lilian was the one who sang her old song cuz i got the CD

Who sang torrie Wilson's theme need a little time?

Lilian Garcia

Who sang the entrance theme for mark Henry?

MVP sang it for him.

Who sang the chuck and billy entrance music?

it is rico

Who sang kelly kelly's entrance song?

Desiree Jackson

Who sang the song of randy orton's new entrance song?

Rev Theory

Who sang the tune to Phil taylors entrance?

It's called The Power, by Snap!

Who sang loverboy?

Billy Ocean. The video is amazing.

Who sang a song King Tutankhamun in a music video and what show was it on?

Steve Martin sang it on "Saturday Night Live".

What is India's last name that sang the song video?


What is edge's entrance song and who sings it?

Edge's theme song is ''You Think You Know Me'', sang by Alter Bridge.

What is the title of Candice Michelle's entrance theme and who sang it?


What artist sang the Undertaker's old entrance song Deadman You're going toPay?

Limp Bizkit sang "Rollin" Kid Rock sang "American BadAss" and the question is who sang You're gonna pay? wasnt Papa rock, limp bizkit or kid rock.!

Who sang the song for the video Move Along?

The All-American Rejects

What country music star sang from a roof in his video?

mac stevo

Who sang the old Randy Orton entrance song?

Mercy Drive, if you're talking about Burn In My Light. Killswitch Engage, if you're talking about CM Punk's current entrance song.

On Ariana Grande's youtube video where she does impressions what is the name of the Shakira song that she sang?

The song she sang by Shakira was called Whenever Wherever!

Who sang Candice Michelle theme song?

Candice Michell's entrance song is "What Love Is" composed by Jim Johnston.

Who sang Jeff Hardy's entrance song?

Jeff Hardys theme song is currently "No More Words" by Endeverafter

Who sang you're beautiful and won an MTV video music award in 2006 for best male video?

James blunt

Who sang you could be happy?

Snow Patrol sang 'You could be happy'. It's the only song they've done without a music video

Who sang just so you know in Rob and Kristen video?

Jessie Mcartny

Who sang Donald Trump's Entrance theme song For RAW money money theme song?

It was composed by Jim Johnston.

Who sang the game from Triple H's entrance?

Triple H Theme song has been sang twice & by different tow persons1st "The Game" by Motörhead2nd"The Game" by Drowning PoolBut The Lastest is from the Motorhead

What was the love song Michael Jackson sang to Lisa Marie with them by a pool in the video?

You Are Not Alone.