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The Temptations didn't sing "Bernadette". That was The 4 Tops. Lead singer Levi Stubbs sang lead on all the Tops' hits.

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Who sang lead for the temptations on the song night and day?

Theo Peoples.

Who sang lead You'll lose a precious love temptations?

otis williams

Who sang Vocal Backup on Don't you Worry with Stephen Bishop?

I don't know. Who sang the lead vocal on "Don't You Worry with Stephen Bishop"?

Who sang lead vocal on chicagos 25 or 6 to 4?

Peter Cetera sang lead vocals on 25 or 6 to 4

What is the name of the song that paul and his high vocal friend sang at the talent show in the movie temptations?

The song is "Stay" by: The Four Seasons

Was cornelius grant ever a temptation?

He never sang with the Temptations, but he was their band leader and lead guitarist.

Which Beatle sang the lead vocal on Here Comes the Sun?

George Harrison

Who sang lead vocal on the Beatles' I Don't Want To Spoil The Party?

John Lennon, with harmonies by Paul McCartney. John overdubbed the harmony on his lead vocal.

Who from 3 dog night sang lead vocal on the song liar?

Danny Hutton

Who from three dog night sang lead vocal on the song your song?

Danny Hutton

Who from 3 dog night sang lead vocal on the song cowboy?

Chuc Negron

What Group sang get Ready?

The Temptations sang Get Ready.

Who sang lead vocal on Brasil 66 Look of Love?

According to Wikipedia, it was Janis Hansen.

Was yellow submarine written by Ringo Starr?

No, he didn't write it. But he sang the lead vocal parts.

Who sang the way you do the things you do?

The Temptations sang :"The Way You Do The Things You Do"

Who sang the rhythm of life?

The Temptations.

Who was the male singer and what was the song he sang at one of the Temptations funeral?

Smokey Robinson sang a song at Blue's funeral on the Temptations movie.

Who from 3 dog night sang lead vocal on the song one?


Who sang When I'm 64?

Paul Mccartney sang the main vocal part of When I'm Sixty-four

Who sang papa was a rolling stone?

The Temptations

Who sang the theme to what women want?

The Temptations.....

Who sang Pappa was a rolling stone?

The Temptations

Who sang bass in the temptations?

Melvin Franklin

Who sang the song my girl besides the temptations?

Michael Jackson on the album Ben The Platters also sang the Temptations song My Girl

Who sang living years. Who was the lead vocal?

Mike + The Mechanics Probably Paul Carrack or Paul Young.