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Who sang the song Amazing Grace in the movie Amazing Grace?


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It is Ioan Gruffudd.


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It was Meryl Streep that sang Amazing Grace at the end of Silkwood

Jennifer Holiday sang 'Amazing Grace in the movie 'The Five Heartbeats.'

Dottie Rambo wrote, and sang the song. It was titled "He looked beyond my Fault, and saw my need"

Amazing GraceAmazing GraceHow sweet the soundthat saved a wretch lie meI once was lostbut now I'm foundwas blindbut now i seeThat's the beginning of the song the rest is on amazing grace

Neither. It is a hymn about God's amazing grace reaching out to the most miserable sinner.

J Anthony Brown got suspended because he sang the song, "Amazing Grace" when he was told not to do so.

No. It deals with grace as a theological concept.

The song "Amazing Grace" has been sung by many artists. This includes Aretha Franklin, Rod Stewart, and Elvis Presley.

yes she sang in the song and it was amazing :P

No. The man who wrote Amazing grace was english. His name was John Newton.

Its a Song not a bible verse

just sing it to yourself and search `amazing grace music notes for recorder` in google and it will come up with the song. amazing grace is a song for starters but good on recorders. the lyrics (if you want to sing it to yourself after or before the recorder practise (reccomended) is:amazing grace,how sweet the soundthat saved a wreck like,mei once was young but now i see,amazing grace in me

Bad Religion has an amazing song named Sorrow.

elton john sang the drovers song at the end of the movie

Amazing Grace is a spiritual song in history!

Elton John ellie goulding then did a cover for your song it is amazing

Adam Gontier from Three Days Grace sang in the song I Don't Care by Apocalyptica.

Amazing Grace (the movie) Due Date Gangs of New York Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (2003) Silkwood Tommy Boy Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan

The hymn, Amazing Grace, was written by John Newton, and English clergyman and poet. It was published in 1779.

I think you mean 'Amazing Grace'. It's sung by Rod Stewart.

Artist: The Almost Song: Amazing Because it is Album: Southern Weather

Amazing Grace is a pretty popular song and you can find sheet music everywhere. Just search it up.

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