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Todd Rundgren sang "Hello It's Me" also done by Nazz in 1970 Thank you to whoever answered correctly! I didn't realize anybody was on here that intelligent! Todd is great!

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Who sang the song titled Hello?

Lionel Richie

Who sang the song Mother?

danzig sang the song on there self titled album

Who sang the song titled At Last on Dancing with the Stars?

Etta James sang the song "At Last"

Who sang the song Hello Beautiful?

Wikipedia features three different articles about three different songs titled Hello Beautiful. The most popular of these is from 2007, sung by the Jonas Brothers.

Who sang the song titled This is it?

Huey Lewis and the News

Who sang the original song titled You?

George Harrison

Who sang song titled Volare?

dean martin

Who sang the song titled war?

Edwin Starr

What artist sang the song titled You?

Nathaniel Willlemse

Who sang song titled womanizer on dancing with the stars?

Britney Spears sang "Womanizer".

Who sang the song titled Susan?

There is more than one song titled "Susan". One version is sung by The Buckinghams.

Who sang a song titled angel?

Dave Matthews Band

Who sang a song titled belinda?

Narada Michael Walden

Who sang the pop song titled Crazy?

Patsy Cline

Who sang the song hello?

Lionel Richie-1984

Who sang the song hello t.r.o.u.b.l.e.?


Who sang the song Hello in the 1980s?

The song Hello was sang on an episode of Sesame Street as a parody by Carol Channing in 1984. The original song was written by Jerry Herman in 1964 for a musical production.

Who originally sang the song titled ''alone''?

Heart in 1987

Who sang the song titled Fortunate Son?

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Who sang the song titled freestyle it was a pop and dance song?

bomfunk mcs its called freestyler.

Who are all the artists that sang All I Do?

The artist who first sang it were the Jackson 5 it was titled All I Do Is Think Of You. Then B5 made up a version of the song and it was titled All I Do

Who sang the 50's song titled 'sleep'?

Little Willie John sang the 50's song entitled 'Sleep'.

Who sang the song Camp Granada?

Allan Sherman-1963 the name of the song is: "Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh (A Letter From Camp)"

Who sang the 80's song titled Girls?

Dwight Twilley

Who sang the song titled 'last night'?

Az Yet-1996