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Elvis Presley
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Who sang Where are You?

Answer . "Where Are You?" is the first track listing on the 1957 album "Where Are You?" by Frank Sinatra. The song was written by Harold Adamson and Jimmy McHugh.

Who sang - Is It You?

There are many songs titled "Is It You". The most recent was recorded by R&B singer Cassie and was released in 2008 as a track on the soundtrack to the motion picture "Step Up 2: The Streets". It charted at #10 on the UK R&B charts, and #85 on the Canadian R&B charts. You can purchase an MP3 o ( Full Answer )

Who sang The Answer?

LEFT FRONT TIRE LYRICS "The Answer Song" crippled elves do dance around a devil covered by blue dress dairy causes diarrhea, chunky creamy butter cheese bad billy does dope, b*****s and brews, but can't even build a cigarette boat alla bangs booze every day above a bridge behin ( Full Answer )

Who sang White Christmas?

Many singers have recorded this song , but the most popular version is by Bing Crosby

Who sang blues music?

African slaves sang blues music originally. then it developed and Americans started to sing it.

Who sang You and I?

Sam Milby sang this song, is it the one you are looking for? . You and I We're gonnna fly across the sky Higher than high Just You and I You and I We're gonna sail across the sea Free as the breeze Just You and me You and I Floatin' our boat Leavin' a smoke Slowin' our boat ( Full Answer )

Who sang it had to be you?

Frank Sinatra sang it in 1979. A more recent, probably more popular version was recorded in 1989 by Harry Connick Jr. for the soundtrack to the film "When Harry Met Sally." It's a great version. You can purchase it here: http://www.amazon.com/Had-You-Big-Band-Vocals/dp/B00136RPH6/ref=sr_1_1?ie ( Full Answer )

Who sang Blue Suede Shoes?

Elvis Presley is most associated with the song. Originally it was sung by Carl Perkins, until he was in a car accident while on his way to do a stint on tv a week later Elvis was singing it on tv, after that everyone thought Elvis had wrote it and sung it where infact it was the song that got Carl a ( Full Answer )

Who sang behind blue eyes?

It was sung by Fred Durst by the band Limp Bizkit. Actually that is untrue. Limp Bizkit covered the song. It was recorded by The Who originally, and written by Pete Townshend and released on the album Who's Next.

Who sang 'Answer Me'?

" Answer Me " is a popular song, originally written (with German lyrics, under the title "Mutterlein") by Gerhard Winkler and Fred Rauch. The English lyrics were written by Carl Sigman in 1952.. After the song was recorded by David Whitfield and Frankie Laine in 1953, the "religious" version was ba ( Full Answer )

Who sang This Is It?

Well: most recently Michael Jackson. In 1979 Kenny Loggins had a hit with his song also called "This Is It." He recorded it with Michael McDonald. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_Is_It_(Kenny_Loggins_song)

Which group sang lonely this Christmas?

MUD have a look on wikipediait was December the 17th 1974 they had a number one however the Christmas number one of the same year was merry xmas everybody by slade mudd had another numbe one in 1975 on valentines day with secrets that you keep

Who sang the last song for Christmas?

In my church, JOy to the World! was the traditional, and wide-open recessional number- indeed recessional- and played-out to the max!

Who first sang White Christmas?

The first public performance of the song was by Bing Crosby, on his NBC radio show The Kraft Music Hall on Christmas Day, 1941.

Who sang blue Christmas?

It has been covered many times, here is a list of some covers: . Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson of the band Heart . Art Paul Schlosser recorded a parody of "Blue Christmas" called "Plaid Christmas" . Billy Eckstine . Billy Idol . Brenda Lee . Bright Eyes with Conor Oberst . Chaim Tannenbaum (on ( Full Answer )

Who sang Porky Pig's Blue Christmas?

I live in Cleveland Ohio years ago maybe 15 possibly 20 Mel Blank jr was in town promoting his book. when he came on the local radio morning show Lannigan He did a bunch of voices and concluded with Porky Pig's blue Christmas the new owners of that station still play the original recording here and ( Full Answer )

Who sang if?

"If" is a song written by David Gates and recorded and released byhis band Bread in 1971 on their album "Manna". It hit #4 on theBillboard Hot 100 chart on May 15th, 1971.

Who wrote bobby sang the blues?

"Bobby sang the blues" is part of a line from "Me and Bobby McGee". " Me and Bobby McGee " is a song written by Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster.

Who first sang the song Blue?

I think the band is called Eiffel 65, if you're referring to the song "Blue" that goes "I'm blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die" LeAnn Rimes had a hit called "Blue" in 1996.

Who sang crossroad blues?

Robert Johnson's song - but since done by many, many artistes including Clapton & Cream.

Who sang ''and we do it''?

The song "We Do It" was written by Russell Stone. He was half of the R&B duo "R & J Stone" who released the song in 1976. It peaked at #5 on the UK R&B charts. You can purchase an MP3 of this song here: http://www.amazon.com/We-Do-It/dp/B007IUG0TA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1345146467&s=dmusic&sr= ( Full Answer )

Who wrote and sang the song BLUE?

LeAnn Rimes sang a song called Blue, which was also the name of her debut album in 1996. The song was written by Bill Mack. Mack wrote the song 30 years earlier to be recorded by Patsy Cline, but she was killed in a plane crash before recording the song. Bill Mack released his own version of the son ( Full Answer )

Who sang the the?

"The The" is a UK band fronted by Matt Johnson and formed in 1979, but with albums released from 1983 through 2003. There is no song entitled "The The". I hope this helps.

Who sang Get there if you can?

The song is actually called "Get Here" and was a hit in 1990 for singer Oleta Adams. Adams got her start singing on the Tears for Fears album "Sowing the Seeds of Love", which featured the single "Woman In Chains", on which Oleta Adams sings. You can buy the MP3 of that song here: http://www.amaz ( Full Answer )

Who sang a Christmas blues song bells will be ringing?

My grandfather told me that the eagles sang it. I myself know that Bon Jovi has sang it, however I'm still looking into who originally sang it. DOYE O'DELL . Blue Christmas. Doye O'Dell 1948 Exclusive 65X. Russ Morgan (8-31-49), Hugo Winterhalter, Ernest Tubb, Billy Eckstine, Elvis Presl ( Full Answer )

Who sang Christmas time mistletoe and wine?

Mistletoe and Wine was sung by the 'Peter Pan' of pop music, Sir Cliff Richard. Released in 1988, it was his 99th single release and went on to become his 12th Number one. It was written by Jeremy Paul, Leslie Stewart and Keith Strachan for a TV musical based on The Little Matchgirl in 1986. It was ( Full Answer )

Who first sang Blue Christmas?

Blue Christmas was originally sang by Ernest Tubb in 1948. Elvis Presley sang it in 1957 making it a holiday classic. original was DOYE O'DELL... . Blue Christmas. Doye O'Dell 1948 Exclusive 65X. Russ Morgan (8-31-49), Hugo Winterhalter, Ernest Tubb, Billy Eckstine, Elvis Presley.

Who sang the song The Blues Man?

Hank Williams Jr. wrote and originally sung "The Blues Man". Other singers of the song include Alan Jackson.

Who sang who are you?

The Who, from their 1976 album of the same name "Who Are You". You can purchase the MP3 here: http://www.amazon.com/Who-Are-You-Album-Version/dp/B001NB1P7W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&tag=brainrub-20&qid=1345141731&s=dmusic&sr=1-1

Who sang What About me?

MANY different songs have charted with that title. Here they are: Kenny Rogers, Kim Carnes and James Ingram-1984 Moving Pictures-1983 and 1989 Anne Murray-1973 Don Gibson-1961 Quicksilver Messenger Service-1971 (My personal favorite).

Who Sang Last Christmas On Glee?

the actress playing Rachel Barry Finn was the backround guy voice then the rest of the Glee Club sang backround ♥

Who sang Christmas City Wonderful City?

Merv Griffin, the king of the seventies afternoon talk shows and game shows wrote and sang it in 1962 for the city of Duluth, MN. It is now synonomous with the Christmas City of The North Parade which occurs every holiday season in Duluth.

Who sang 'White Christmas'?

White Christmas Bing Crosby sang "White Christmas" in the movie 'Holiday Inn" in 1942 and later in the remake "White Christmas" in 1954. Several other artists have also sang the song.

Who was first sang White Christmas?

Irving Berlin wrote it and I expect that he sang it as he wrote it down on paper. Bing Crosby sang it in a movie called Holiday Inn, made a hit record of it and sang it in another movie that featured it in its title.

Who sang the definitive version of White Christmas?

The song came from a film, in which it was sung by Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney. As for 'definitive' that's a little subjective and may draw different answers. But, the most-frequently-played version - all over the world - is probably the Bing Crosby solo recording.

Who sang Blue Skies?

"Blue Skies" was written by Richard Rogers (music) and Lorenz Hart (lyrics) in 1927 for the musical Betsy . It was first performed by Belle Baker, who was called out for 24 encores of the song. Al Jolsen performed it in the Jazz Singer also in 1927. It was recorded for the first time the followi ( Full Answer )

Who sang its a blue blue Christmas?

The song is titled "Blue Christmas" and is associated with rock and roll legend Elvis Presley, who first recorded his version of the song in 1957 on Elvis' Christmas Album . It was first recorded in 1948 by Doyle Odell, and then in 1949 by Ernest Tubbs. Although Elvis's rendition is a holiday stap ( Full Answer )

Who sang the song Christmas Wishes?

There are a number of songs which go by the title "Christmas Wishes". The song that is most popular, however, was written and sung by Anne Murray. Other variations include "Christmas Wishes" by KidsOne.

Who originally sang the song Christmas Canon?

The song 'Christmas Canon' was sung originally by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The song 'Christmas Canon' is part of the album 'The Christmas Attic'.

Who sang the song Caribbean Blue?

The Caribbean Blue was sung by Eithne Patricia Ni Bharaonain, a singer who is also known as Enya. Eithne Patricia Ni Bjaraonian is an Irish singer who has sung multiple songs in the 1900s.

Who sang the song Cocaine Blues?

Johnny Cash sang the song Cocaine Blues. Although he is the singer most associated with this song, other singers have sang it. It was originally sang by Red Arnall. It has also been sang by artist such as Woody Guthrie, Hank Thompson, Led Zeppelin, Keith Richards, Hank Williams III and Bob Dylan.

Who sang the original song Last Christmas?

Wham! sang the hit song "Last Christmas"; it was released in 1984 as a double A-side with "Everything She Wants." It is the biggest-selling single in the UK to not reach Number One on the charts.