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The first, male monster saw Victor destroy the female creature.

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Doctor Victor Frankenstein created the creature.

Victor Frankenstein was the main narrator, but some letters were narrated by Waldman

In "Frankenstein" when the creature visits Victor, the creature vows to see him on his wedding night and vows to destroy Victor's happiness. Victor interprets the message to mean that on his wedding night, the monster will kill him.

Frankenstein is not the creature Victor FRANKENSTEIN created. He obtained the body parts in graves and slaughter houses.

Victor is horrified by what he has created and immediately aboandons the creature. He is terrified.

Willian Frankenstein is the youngest little brother of Victor Frankenstein (the creator of The Creature)

The creature, which Victor Frankenstein created, killed Elizabeth Lavenza. The creature has no name.

The protagonist and the creator of the creature.

Mary Shelley wrote the book Frankenstein, and Victor Frankenstein creates the creature.

in mary shelley's frankenstein victor frankenstein doesn't kill william(his brother) the creature does.

The creature enjoyed a temporary friendship with a kindly old blind man, until the man's family saw the creature, and, seeing only a monster, drove him away. Although Victor Frankenstein created a female companion for the creature, he changed his mind and destroyed her before giving her life.

Victor is kind of compared to God, and the creature to Adam. The creature is shunned by his own creator, even though he means well. Victor denied the creature the happiness and love necessary for growth, thus the creature turned "evil". Victor did not take responsibility for his creation, and thus the crimes of the creature can be blamed on Victor.

Victor feared that a male and female monster together could be dangerous enough to destroy the world. Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley.

In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, William Frankenstein, Justine Moritz, Henry Clerval, Elizabeth Lavenza-Frankenstein, and Victor Frankenstein (the protagonist) die. Though he does not die anytime WITHIN the novel, the monster is said to had departed for the northernmost ice to purposefully die after its creator (Victor) had died.

He is chasing the monster trying to destroy him.

Chasing the creature trying to kill it.

Victor Frankenstein can't believe he has created this creature and defied God, so he runs away from it.

Victor Frankenstein created his creature to be 8 feet tall because Mary Shelley simply decided to describe the creature/monster to be this way. Other reasons would be that the creature is possibly made of many other bodies.

It was Frankenstein that abandoned the monster. He did so immediately after he created it as he was exhausted to the point of collapse.

Victor Frankenstein dreams that he kisses Elizabeth in the streets of Ingolstadt, but she changes in his arms into his mother's corpse.

He designed the Creature and brought it to life

They never got to the honeymoon, the creature killed her before that.

This is his first sighting of the creature after its creation.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein created the Creature. The Creature is often mistakenly called Frankenstein, when he is really more accurately called Frankenstein's monster. The novel "Frankenstein" was written by Mary Shelley.

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