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AnswerIf those are the only choices, I'd pick HP, but realistically, you'd be better off building a computer from non-proprietary parts. Often times packaged hardware, such as Dell and HP, will not work with generic hardware, so if you want to upgrade or if you have a component failure you MUST use their proprietary hardware. It can be expensive but it can also leave you stuck with inferior hardware. Most communities have several shops that build component systems that both compete with the big brands and at the same time provide hardware that is faster and more powerful.

Ask around for some recommendations. If you have a local neighborhood computer nerd or can find a local LINUX group, ask about a shop that sells high quality components for reasonable prices.

DELL IS , by far, THE BETTER COMPUTER. Dell Computers have a habit of going for years and NOT BREAKING. This can NOT be said of HP. If you want reliability, choose Dell! And, if you watch the Dell website, Dell periodically has great deals on a range of their Laptop and Desktop computers.

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Is hp or dell better?


What is better DELL or HP?

HP looks much better

Who is better dell or hp?

HP - Better support I have found.

Which laptop is better dell hp or sony?


What is better hp or dell?


Should you buy and HP computer or a dell?

I say Dell is better than HP but both are good.

What laptops are better then hp?

Dell, Macintosh,........

Why is hp better than dell?

HP makes really high-quality printers, scanners, monitors, and desktops. Dell is a lot better in laptops (HP is terrible in that area), but is also good with desktops. Dell has more computer accessories, and is better with routers.

Which computer is best HP or Dell?

Technically, HP has higher quality than Dell, while Toshiba has even better quality than HP.

Witch is better a HP taptop or a dell laptop?

an HP or an dell laptop i dont know but if you do send your answer to

Why is hp far better Dell?

The build quality in HP is much higher, and the support you receive from the warranty is better too.

Does Dell Computer own HP computer?

No. Dell and HP are totally different companies. However, HP bought the Compaq computer line in 2006 and merged them within the HP company. Now, HP and Compaq computers are sold as one whole product line.

What laptop is better toshiba or lenovo '?

asus, dell, hp, acer

What desktop is better Dell or hp?

samsung all the way!:D

What is rated better dell or hp laptops?

Well both are not good But Apple Mac is better

Which computer is better Hp or dell computers?

I personally have an HP - love it. It really is top of the line equipment. My cousin used to be in the Air Force, and she said they were using Dell computers, and they were constantly crashing. I'd buy the HP over Dell any day.

Best lap top to buy?

A HP laptop they are better than Dell.

Who is bigger HP or DELL?


What is a better computer dell or hp?

If we talking about an destop PC. My advice is to avoid manufacture brands like HP or dell and find a computer shop that will build you one. But for laptops Dell anyday. I have a HP laptop and PC and they are nothing but trouble. They are built cheap, have hardware and software glitches and getting firmware for them is a pain in the but. I would say find a small company for laptops too, both my dell and hp laptops are glitchy, plus all the bloatware is just plain annoying. I bought a kaptop from a local computer company, banyan computers, and its the best money ive spent on a computer. everything from costomer service to the product is better than what ive experienced with dell or hp.

Is Dell of HP a better computer?

It could be said, that based only on customer service experience, HP is a better computer brand by far. It could also be said that HP computers are built better and last longer.

What is better dell xps 15 Sony VAIO or hp pavilion?

I Personally Think The HP Pavillion, I Have Got One My Self, I Have Had A Dell, And My Mate Has Had A Sony And The HP Pavillion Beats Them All. Try What You Like Though, Hope This Helps

Which is better hp or dell for laptop?

They are both good manufacturers but i would probably go for a dell because you can customise any laptop or desktop.

Does dell make better gaming computers than HP?

In general Dell makes better computers than HP. Dell has also merged with famous gaming PC maker Alienware, If you go to you'll see that they make great gaming pc's and they charge quite well for them.

Is hp mini better than dell mini?

Well, it kind of depends. Dell and HP both have several different Minis on the market. I'd recommend just looking to see which one has the better specifications and hardware before making a decision.

What brand of laptop is better HP or Dell?

That's a tough question but I think HP has the best quality. HP is very reliable and I never worry about it breaking down. I've had nothing but Dell for the past 8 years, and both the desktop and laptop have been very reliable. I just upgraded my Dell laptop for another Dell laptop. I've never had problems with this brand. Granted, I've never had an HP personally, so I'm a little biased. My Dell is just really easy to use. I think it varies widely depending on what model you get. I'd find a few on both sites you like, then look them up on CNET to see how they are reviewed.

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