Who sells the better product HP or Dell?


If those are the only choices, I'd pick HP, but realistically, you'd be better off building a computer from non-proprietary parts. Often times packaged hardware, such as Dell and HP, will not work with generic hardware, so if you want to upgrade or if you have a component failure you MUST use their proprietary hardware. It can be expensive but it can also leave you stuck with inferior hardware. Most communities have several shops that build component systems that both compete with the big brands and at the same time provide hardware that is faster and more powerful.

Ask around for some recommendations. If you have a local neighborhood computer nerd or can find a local LINUX group, ask about a shop that sells high quality components for reasonable prices.

DELL IS , by far, THE BETTER COMPUTER. Dell Computers have a habit of going for years and NOT BREAKING. This can NOT be said of HP. If you want reliability, choose Dell! And, if you watch the Dell website, Dell periodically has great deals on a range of their Laptop and Desktop computers.