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Who settled in New Jersey?

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The person who settled in New Jersey

Giovanni da Verrazano explored and settled in New Jersey. In 1524 Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazano sailed north along the eastern coast of New Jersey. He dropped anchor just off a silver land that is known today as Sandy Hook. Verrazano was the first European to explore the coast of the New Jersey area. Many explorers visited the Jersey area during the 1600s . Dutch traders claimed a large area of land in this region and started a fur trade. They called the New Netherland. In 1630 they built a base called Pavonia. Swedish traders and settlers arrived in southern New Jersey in 1638. The Swedes and the Dutch competed for control of the fur trade. The Dutch forced the Swedes out of the New Jersey area in 1655.In 1660, the Dutch built Bergen, New Jersey's first white settlement.