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Stage actor John Wilkes Booth is credited as to being the one who shot and killed Abraham Lincoln. This happened at Ford Theater in 1865.

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On what day was abrham Lincoln shot?

Lincoln was shot the evening of Friday, April 14,1865. He died the next morning.

How old would Abrham Lincoln would be today?

Abrham Lincoln would be 200 years old! Abrham Lincoln would be 200 years old!

What play was Abrham Linclon watching when he got shot?

Abraham Lincoln was watching a play that his son had been in

What year did Abrham Lincoln die?

Abe was shot in a theatre in Washington D.C. and died the next morning - April15,1865

Abrham Lincoln favorite food?

what is abrham Lincoln favorite foodA)chicken, rice,and sushi which his maids often made him.

Why is abrham lincoln famous?

no he was from Chicago

President who was assassinated?

abrham Lincoln

How old is abrham Lincoln?

he was 56yearsold

How old abrham Lincoln?

He Was 56

How old was Lincoln when he died?

Abrham Lincoln was 56 years old when he was shot by John Wilkes Booth in Ford Theatre. Four days after the Civil War endedhe was 48

How do you spell abrham Lincoln?

The 16th US President was Abraham Lincoln.

When is abrham Lincoln birthday?

Feb. 12

Who was not a president candidate in 1860?

abrham lincoln

Who did Abrham Lincoln run agenst?

Stephen Douglas

Where did abrham Lincoln find his hat?


What was abrham Lincoln birthday?

Febuary 12, 1809.

What year abrham Lincoln was born?

he was born in 1967

Who was Webster who fought to preserve the Union?

Abrham Lincoln

Did Abrham Lincoln go to school and college?

Yes he did

What medical disease did Abrham Lincoln have?

Marfan's Syndrome. .. :)

How old is abrham Lincoln now?

He's dead.

How do you spell abrham Lincolns name?

Abraham Lincoln

What was the age of abrham lincolm when he got shot?


What age did abrham Lincoln die?

he was 56 years old

Was Edgar Allan Poe friend of Abrham Lincoln?


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