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I would say who ever was driving the car. But it depends on what the highway patrol, insurance company and the judge says if it goes to court.

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Who is responsible when there is a three car accident and the 3rd car only damages the 2nd car?

I believe whomever caused the accident is at fault, whether their car was damaged or not. * The evidence compiled in the accident investigation will determine the responsible party. To determine who is at fault in a vehicle accident investigators use a method referred to as "chain of causation" and begin the investigation with the vehicle that was last in motion. This does not necessarily mean that the driver of said vehicle is the one responsible for the accident. It is quite possible that the driver of the vehicle that was not damaged will be the one determined to be responsible for causing the accident.

Who Is responsible for vehicle damage in a parking lot accident if you strike a damaged light pole base in a unlight parking lot while exiting the unlight parking lot?

if you hit a stationary object - you will most likely be found at fault

Is my landlord responsible for damaged to my car if a squirrel damaged it?

Absolutely not. How and why would he be responsible?

Are you insured if your wife is mad and damaged your motorcycle?

Technically no because the motorcycle was damaged on purposed, not by accident.

Will insurance cover the cost to replace the carpet throughout your house if the majority of it was damaged from an accident And you have the same carpet throughout now.?

No. If your carpet was damaged by a covered peril. Your insurance policy is only responsible for repair or replacement of the damaged part with like kind and quality. Their is no coverage for cosmetic aesthetics or exact match issues.

Can an ABS light come on as a result of an auto accident?

Yes, if any of the components of the braking system were damaged in the accident.

Am i responsible i damaged an awning but other parties have damaged the same awning who is responsible myselfcausing initial damage or all three of us that have caused damage?

if you had repaired it when it was first damaged, it would be an easy choice. But in this case, you have to CONVINCE the "others" that they also damaged it. Since you did not replace it when it was damaged, you would have no case in a court.

Will insurance cover engine replacement?

Only if it was damaged as a result of a accident.

Which lobe of cortex was damaged when Phineas Gage had his accident?

Frontal lobe

What could happen if you got in an accident with no insurance?

You are financially responsible for loss experienced by the damaged party. If you are unable to pay for the damages you may loose driving privileges and/or be taken to court in an attempt to recover damages.

What is responsible for identifying and digesting damaged or denatured proteins?

Proteasomes are responsible for identifying and digesting damaged or denatured proteins. Proteasomes are large protein complexes that are found in eukaryotic cells.

What do you change when you get into an accident with a 2007 PT Cruiser?

You repair or replace any damaged parts.You repair or replace any damaged parts.

In the state of Florida a boating accident must be reported if what is present?

If either boat is damaged, the accident must be reported to the proper authority.

At what point after your injury should you consult an attorney?

An attorny should be consulted if you have been serverely injured in an accident and the party responsible for the accident is choosing not to work with you or your insurance to rememdy it. An attorney should also be contacted if the injury you suffered leaves you permently or severaly damaged and unable to live life normally

Which lobe of the cortex was damaged when Phineas Gage had his accident?

the frontal lobe of cortex

What happens to a car in an accident?

it gets damaged the authorities remove and impound the vehicle.

Is the landlord or tenant responsible for damaged plants?

If the tenant damaged them, then it's the tenants fault. Ifit was the landlord, then it's their fault

Can I file a loss of value claim if my car was damaged in a hit and run accident?


Why did Henry VIII get fat?

he had a jousting accident and damaged his leg so he could not excercise

Does auto insurance usually cover physical damage to the engine?

Auto insurance covers damage caused during an accident. If the engine is damaged during an accident that's covered. If it's damaged for any other reason then that isn't covered.

Should you report an accident if your car does not have any damage?

of course you should report an accident even if your car is damaged its almost like a hit and run.

If you are at fault in an auto accident do you have to pay the other persons deductible and my vehicle had already been damaged?

No. They are responsible for their own deductible. Because, when my van got hit, which was parked, I had to pay my deductible before the insurance company would cover it!

What organelle is responsible for identifying and digesting damaged or denatured proteins?


Is the landlord or tenant responsible for damage to the apartment caused by the tenant?

A tenant! If they damaged something they don't own they are responsible for fixing it.

Is your car salvage after an accident?

It depends. Is there damage, what is damaged? What is the repair cost estimate? What is the year, make and model? What is the blue book value of the vehicle before the accident?