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The person providing access to a vehicle should provide coverage for all persons they allow to operate their vehicle. Should you provide access and fail to provide coverage you can be held personally liable for any damage the child does. If the child somehow obtains the vehicle on his own then liability may fall to the legal gaurdians depending on the circumstances of legal gaurdianship and control.

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Do most insurers require parents or guardians to pay premiums for a minor driver with a permit?

Yes, most insurers require parents or guardians to pay premiums for a minor driver with a permit. In most cases, insurance rates will rise if a minor resides in the home who is of driving age, whether they acquire a permit to drive or not.

Does your auto insurance company have to cover your son's accident even if he's not listed as a household driver?

No he have to listed as a second third or household driver for being cover by insurance

Is insurance required for a teenage driver who lives with you but received license from non-custodial parent and only drives when with them?

This teenager did not get a license from the non-custodial parent. He got it from the State. And if he is licensed and resides in your household, your insurance company needs to know. He just might have to drive you to the ER or something.

Do you have to add a stepchild to your car insurance?

If it is a licensed driver and in your household, then they should be added to your policy.

Do you have to add your child to your car insurance?

As long as the child is a member of your household they must be listed on your insurance policy as does anyone living in your household or being a driver of any of your vehicles. This is stated on your policy that you agree to list all residents of your household and drivers of your vehicles on your policy. Most insurance companies will allow you to list and then exclude people who have their own insurance and will never driver your vehicles. Just remember that if you exclude a person that anytime they drive your vehicle for any reason there will be no coverage at all if the excluded driver is driving.

Will your auto insurance cover a permissive driver if you are disabled and cannot drive?

It sounds like this person will be a regular driver and as such they should be listed on your insurance as a driver. In your policy you agree to list all household residents and regular drivers. They should be listed on your policy.

Do you have to add your teenage driver to your insurance?

Yes. Some states will not cover an accident if a household member is not listed on the policy.

If your license has been revoked can you get auto insurance for a financed car by listing your boyfriend who is licensed as the driver and yourself as a non-driver?

If your licensed has been revoked, you can make him rated driver on the vehicle, (if he lives in the household) and you as a non driver. You don't want lienholder to enforce insurance on it,,or it will be very high. Yes you can. Your insurance company may want you to formally exclude yourself from coverage.

Can you add a named driver on your insurance if you are unrelated and don't live in the same household?

You can certainly talk to your insurance broker about it, but I believe that it would be simpler for this unrelated person who doesn't live in the same household to obtain his or her own insurance, rather than being added to your policy.

What is California's policy on car insurance for new drivers?

For a new driver to receive insurance in California, you will need to talk to your legal guardian. You cannot be insured yourself, but have to be insured under your guardians name.

Do you need to get your teen car insurance?

Anybody that is a member of your household must be listed as a driver on your insurance policy. Outside of your household, anybody that drives your vehicle more than once per month must also be disclosed to your insurer.

Does every licensed driver in a household require that they be on the same auto insurance pollicy?

Not necessarily. But all household members must be disclosed to the insurance company, and from there they either must be included or excluded. I would recommend everyone go on the same policy, that way you take advantage of multi-car, multi driver discounts.

If you have liability insurance on one vehicle are you insured if you drive another vehicle?

Auto insurance typically covers the car, not the driver. So, if you have insurance on your vehicle, but you drive another vehicle that doesn't have insurance, you are not protected by your policy if you have an accident in that other vehicle. However, if you have insurance on your vehicle, and you lend it to a driver (from another household) who does not have his or her own insurance, they will be covered by your policy while they are driving your car.

Can you lose your insurance if you allow a unlicensed driver to drive your car?

Yes. Read your policy. If you allow a driver who is not licensed to drive your policy and an accident occurs the insurance company may deny coverage for the claim. You should not loan your car to other people because you are also loaning them your insurance and you may not have the authority to do this. If the person is a regular driver or lives in your household then they must be listed on your policy as a driver.

Does insurance follow the driver or the automobile?

Insurance follows the driver.

Why a family member is resticted in auto insurance?

Some insurance companies will require policyholders to sign a driver exclusion for family members if you claim the individual does not drive your vehicle. If the insurance company has previously paid a claim for an unlisted driver, they may require that you list the driver on your policy or sign a driver exclusion that restricts that driver from driving your vehicle. If a resident of your household has tickets and accidents and is not rated on your policy, the company will require a driver exclusion to prevent increasing your policy if they are rated.

Where can I find information on new driver insurance?

You can get information related to young driver insurance at compare market insurance.

Whose auto insurance is primary in California registered owner or permissive driver?

The insurance on a vehicle should be in the name of the Registered owner of the vehicle. Any permissive driver should also be added to the policy as a driver if you are a regular driver or if you live in the household. Either of these requires that you be listed on the policy not both of these. The owner of the vehicle is bound by legal contract to add any regular drivers and household members. If these people are not added to the policy, the contract has been voided and the insurance company can decide not to pay any claims involving such unlisted drivers.

What about Driver only insurance?

how can we apply on line for driver only insurance

If a licenced driver in your household has a DUI how will it affect your insurance rate?

Ask your insurance company, but I do not think that they will care about other people you happen to know or be living with. They're concerned about your own driving record.

Does a 25years old child have to be required on parents auto insurance?

If the 25 years old is a regular driver of the vehicle and especially if they live in the same household, then yes, they need to be listed on the parent's insurance.

Can parents be sued for liability of a 16 year old driver on their insurance in the event of an accident?

Yes, Parents and other legal guardians are financially liable for the acts of minor wards.

Do you have to be a dependent to be covered on insurance?

Check with your specific insurance company but in general, no. If a licensed driver has permission to drive the car then the insuring company covers that driver. If your company has a specific policy against that, you need to know that. Many years ago, one company had a policy that identified a roommate as part of the driver's household and wouldn't cover that driver. It is the policy that will tell you, or ask your insurance guy.

Do you have to add your child to your car insurance if they live at a different household but primary driver of the car?

Only in a case whereby you would like them to be responsible for paying a claim if something happens to the vehicle while the child is driving. Sorry for the sarcasm. You would definitely be required to have them listed as the primary driver on the vehicle in this case where they are the primary driver of the car. Remember to always tell the insurance company the complete truth. All household members and/or drivers of the vehicles must be listed as drivers on the application. Remember that this means if they live in the household or if they drive the car. This means that in either case they must be listed on the application as driver. If your child lives elsewhere such as in college they are still considered a member of the household and therefore must be listed on the insurance application. Be careful about telling the insurance company the complete truth about drivers, vehicles, and addresses to make sure you have coverage when you need it.

Can a driver with no insurance clain of your insurance?

Sorry, the driver with no insurance can claim of your insurance. He/she has no legal right to lodge such unauthorised claim.