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You should belive your boyfriend if you really love him and have trust in him.

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Should you believe your friends if they tell you something your boyfriend did?

it depend on how well you trust your friends and your boyfriend. everyone makes mistakes ..x

What should you do about your boyfriend breaking up with you?

you should just start talking again as friends and before your having sex.

What should you do if your friends don't believe in your boyfriend?

well i would tell him what your freinds said, then i would get together with your boyfriend and your friends and make sure that he acts REALLY nice.

What you should keep between just you and your boyfriend and what should you share with friends?

ANSWERWhat you should definitely keep with your boyfriend are the personal things you guys do together alone. However, if you really trust your friends there shouldn't be a problem talking to them about your relationship with your boyfriend. Make sure your boyfriend is cool with it or you'll have problems. Good luck with your relationship

Who was Taylor Swift writing about in her song you should have said no?

I believe she was talking about her boyfriend, Sam, who apparently cheated on her.

Your boyfriend does not like you talking to your male friends - you want to stay with your boyfriend - what should you do?

Men are not friends with girls. They are just friendly with girls that they want to sleep with, or girls that they have already slept with. Your boyfriend knows this because he is a man. That is why he doesn't like it when you talk to your "guy friends."

Should you hang out with your friends or your boyfriend?

you should hang out with.......... boyfriend............. don't no y

My boyfriend was two timing me and i dumped him but now all my best friends are saying he cheated on me with one of my closest friends She says she never went out with him Who should i believe?

if she is one of your bffs or your bff and if you trust her you have to believe her!!!

What to do if your boyfriend likes your best friend and your best friends boyfriend likes you?

You should break up with your boyfriend and get your best friends instead

What if you and your boyfriend are going out but don't talk and then you ask one of your friends to tell him you need to talk to him an he says I am not talking to that bitch?

I should open my mouth to him

If im in 7th grade and your boy friends cheating on you and he says they're just friends but the girl says they're boyfriend and girlfriend who should you believe?

neither one

Should you tell your boyfriend that your friends think he is a player?

well can but if he gets angry just say '' but i totally don't believe them and laugh ''

My best friends thinks I like her boyfriend who is one of my other best friends and I don't but she won't believe me what should I do to convince her I don't like him that way and still be friends?

What you can do is tell her you really don't like her boyfriend and that you you like him only has a friend and that if you did like him you'd tell her

What if my Boyfriend doesn't want to go out with me and my friends?

A boyfriend and girlfriend should adapt to each others friends. However, if the boyfriend doesn't want to join you and your friends, then go alone. If he does not want you to go with your friends, then maybe he is not the right fit for you. You should never put your friends aside.

If your friends know that you talk to boy and think that he is your boyfriend what should you do?

if they think he is your boyfriend then tell them hes not. if they don't believe you then just be like fine don't believe me. i honestly don't care what you think cause it isn't true.adviceee

What should you have boyfriend or best friends?

Best friends they are always gonna be there for you

What should you do if your boyfriend talked to your girlfriend?

When your boyfriend is talking to your girlfriend, you should go up to them and stop their conversation by hugging your boyfriend, asking what you guys should do later, or either ask them this: "Hey! What are you guys talking about?". Don't let your boyfriend and your girlfriend fall in love with each other.

Should you always believe your boyfriend?


What to do if your friends fall out with your boyfriend?

If your friends are warning you that your boyfriend is not a nice guy and you should break up with him then they are seeing the reality of his character and love has blinded you so it would be a good idea to listen to your friends. If your friends just think he does not fit in with their crowd and your boyfriend is a nice guy, then your friends are not your true friends and you should remain loyal to your boyfriend. Be wise, take a second look at your boyfriend and consider what your friends are saying about him if they don't feel he treats you well.

My boyfriend is messaging other girls that are his friends on Facebook saying i miss you should i be worried?

Maybe. He could be joking around or cheating. Try talking to these girls and finding out. Though if he is your boyfriend, you should have 100% trust otherwise the relationship isn't worth it.

Why does my boyfriend let me down and not his friends?

Maybe your boyfriend doesn't realize he's letting you down, or maybe he doesn't respect you as much as he should. Consider talking to him about how you're feeling. Communication is vital to any relationship.

What should you do when you have a boyfriend and none of your friends like him?

Your happiness is all that matters. If your friends don't appreciate the fact that you've got a boyfriend that you love their not proper friends.

Your boyfriend used to go out with all these older girls and his friends keep saying hes cheating on you he lies to you sometimes but should you believe him or his friends?

him friends like to tease you so u break up with him and hes sad

What should you do if your boyfriend isn't talking to you or not returning your calls or does not textback after a misunderstanding?

get a new boyfriend to make him jealous

Should you believe him if he says he just wants to be friends?

If he says he just wants to be friends that means he just wants to be friends so YES you should believe him.