Best Answer has a link to an extras casting page. You get emails for auditions all the time. It's a great resource. Good luck.

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Q: Who should you contact if you wanted to audition for roles as extras in films?
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How did the wanted meet?

Mass Audition

How old do you need to be to audition on Canadian idol?

that really sux i wanted to audition when i was older---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Did wanted boy band audition for x factor?


When did she audition for shake it up?

Zendaya Coleman wanted to audition because she had a dream to be on a show plus she loved to dance.

If you wanted to audition for the part of Minerva in the Artemis Fowl movie if you are 15 what should you do?

I think you're out of luck. Minerva is only 12.

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He wanted to be a singer.

Where did Rupert Grint audition for the part of Ronald Weasley?

He sent in an audition tap of him singing a rap he wrote about how much he wanted the part.

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I LOVE ONE TREE HILL ! i have always wanted to be on there show :) it would be so good i dont know how or where you audition but i want to know?

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Waiting in line to audition for Barney. Selena asked if Demi wanted to color with her. (:

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zendaya wanted to audition because she knew it would make her family proud and she always dreamed of acting and dancing. she never wanted to be a singer but she found she had beauty in that too. today she still continues dancing, acting , and singing and has her bff next to her always.

Did the girl in Jason Derulo's music video for In My Head want to do it?

The girl in Jason Derulo's video obviously wanted to do it because they have to audition to get the part, a bit like a movie audition, and she auditioned and got the part.

If you wanted to try out for a acting role in a movie what do you do to get the part?

have your manager book you an audition and take some acting classes

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The movie the pit bulls are auditioned for is called Wanted Dead.

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if you wanted to contact her you could contact her publisher at

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They wanted to contact people.

How long have The Wanted been together for?

The Wanted were formed in 2009 through a mass audition. They began working on their album straight away and their first single, "All Time Low", was then released in August 2010.

How did the wanted get started?

All five of the wanted boys had to audition to get into the band. They all auditioned and clearly got through, this show's not only do they have talent but they have more talent then the other thousands of people that auditioned...<3x

How old do you have to be to audition for The Voice?

You have to be 16 or over. Sorry you youngsters who have star potential and who want to audition. I wanted to audition too but I am only 11 ✌This sucks i have the Voice of an angel and i have to wit till im 16 bull crap im 12 and im goin wen i turn 13

Should you worry about your audition?

No. Don't worry about pressure. It's nothing to worry about unless you didin't get the part you wanted. Though that's not even a big problem, so don't cry about that, you can keep trying all the time. So keep trying!!!

How did the wanted come together?

well i think they were friends but they didnt audition as a group but max auditioned but it was cut down to jay nath siva tom

How did the wanted start?

You mean the band? They were put through a 9 month audition process and then all 5 members were put into the band, the rest is history.

What boyband did max George be in before the wanted?

He used to be in the boyband Avenue. They entered X Factor together but were disqualified when they got to bootcamp as they found out they already had a record company. Max left Avenue shortly after to audition for The Wanted.