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shop that specializes in steering and suspension, frame shop.

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Q: Who should you see if your 1999 Honda Accord tire makes a squeaking noise while turning after you hit a road wall driving at 60 MPH?
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When driving down the road your car makes a squeaking sound when it hits bumps in the road?

You should check the struts.

What should you expect at your drivers test?

Driving, turning, and stopping. Thats about it.

How do you stop squeaking oak threshold?

Try sprinkling talcum powder over it then sweeping it up. It should get between the cracks and stop the squeaking.

Why does your 2004 Honda accord skip while driving around 50 mph?

My 2004 accord runs great however 2 or three times it has skipped at highway speed. Is something going on I should be aware of.

What should use to stop squeaking noise on serpentine belt?


What gas mileage should your 2004 Honda Accord get?

Of course that depends on how you drive and where. I, myself own a 2004 Honda Accord V-6 and I get 31 mpg strictly highway driving and around 23 mpg in the city. Mixed driving I average around 26 mpg. A four-cylinder should get about two more miles per gallon in each category.

Your 2002 Honda Accord sqeaks when turning or driving over bumps The squeaks sound like the springs on an old iron bed Other than the noise it drives fine?

Sounds like your front-end bushings may need to be replaced. Without the proper tools you should consult a mechanic.

What's the cause of a short but harsh vibration in the wheels of a 96 Accord LX when turning sharply slowly as turning around a cul-de-sac?

It sounds like you have a bearing prob. replacing and repacking with grease should take care of your proublem.

Why is engine turning off on 1999 Honda accord?

Most likely the Ignition Switch. Honda issued a recall on this so if you haven't gotten the recall repair it should be free

What should you do Before driving you should?

What should you do before driving

What should you always remember to do when driving?

Take off the emergency brake, and always put on your blinkers to tell others which way you are turning.

Why is your replacement hip squeaking?

A replacement hip should not be squeaking. Contact your surgeon regarding this. There may be a recall on the replacement hip, or there may be a more simple solution. Do not assume that this is normal.

What is a constant squeaking when in idle and driving?

altinator belt Check your belt, make sure vehicle is turned off, use a bar of soap and grease down your belt. This should do the trick if not you have elimanated a possibility. Good luck!

Will 1991 Honda Accord distributor cap fit a 1992 Honda Accord?

Yes, they should be interchangeable.

Will a 1997 Honda Accord stater fit a 1998 Honda Accord?

Yes, it should.

Why would the cooling fans for the radiator not come on a 1994 Honda Accord if the fuses look good. Even if the the ac is off?

check the relay / check the temp sensor / try turning the fan on by turning on the AC - fan should come on when the AC compresor turns on /

What does it mean if you hear a squeaking sound in the area where you had hip-replacement surgery?

You should have your hip checked annually with an x-ray to look for wear. Squeaking can also be linked to ceramic on ceramic implants.

Will the fenders on a 1995 Honda Accord fit on a 1997 Honda Accord?

Yes, they should fit.

When should drivers use their mirrors?

A driver always need a mirrors for driving because they can look at back of the car and for turning right or left. constance's answer

What causes 2002 Chevy Avalanche to sqeak while driving in reverse?

If it is like mine--the squeaking will eventually occur all of the time while driving. I had to change the universal joints on the drive shaft at 70,000 miles. GM should be ashamed, with gas prices as high as they are, every mile on this truck has been driven gently.

Should you change oil in a higher mileage 2003 accord?

You should change the oil/filter at least every 7,500 miles according to Honda. I would recommend every 5,000 miles unless you do mostly highway driving.

What is the cause of squeaking brakes?

Sometimes things such as sand will get into your brakes and cause the squeaking noise. In other instances, it might something mechanical beginning to fail. Regardless of the cause, if the noise continues you should see your mechanic!

When a mouse is pregnant should it be sneezing or squeaking a lot?

Sneezing and/or squeaking aren't characteristics of pregnant mice, this means it is possible that the mouse is sick and you may want to consider taking it to the vet. If the mouse has given birth then squeaking is very, very common from the baby mice as they 'talk' to their mother (mouse) so they can get fed and looked after.

Will a grill and hood from a 1990 Honda Accord fit a 1993 Honda Accord?

Yes, it should be a perfect fit.

Why does your gauges flicker and lose power while driving on your Honda accord?

Could be the multiplex unit. There was a recall for this item so you should check with the dealer. Also could be a short or loose connection.