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They are selling what works for them. Each company has a favorite pump or filter heater etc that is user and installer friendly. Some get special deals on equipment that is low grade.

Check the site or IPSSA inc. and follow the prompts. You will get some straight answers there. But again, 10 pool service techs --- maybe 5 to 8 different answers. Go with someone who has been in the business a while. Have your questions prepared in advance. Tell them what you would like in your pool design or what your possible use would be. Ask why this particular piece of equipment or that. The person has to get a background of what your needs are in relation to the pool use. Location of the pool and other factors can be involved. Budget restraints are a factor. The end results are nearly limitless.


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Q: Who should you turn to if you need help with equipment and design on your first pool if every company has given you different advice on brands and types of filters and pumps and lights and equipment?
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