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Done in open Convention at the City of Guthrie, in the Territory of Oklahoma, on this, the sixteenth day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seven, and the Independence of the United States of America one hundred and thirty-first. ATTEST:


Secretary. WM. H. MURRAY, President of the Con- stitutional Convention of the proposed State of Oklahomaand Delegate from District No. 104.



Secretary of Oklahoma. ALBERT H. ELLIS,

Second Vice President and

Delegate 14" District. Philip B. Hopkins, District No. 75. William N. Littlejohn, Dist. 78. C. N. Haskell, District 76. James R. Copeland, Dist. 62. C. S. Leeper, 96. C. V. Rogers, Dist. 64. T. O. James, Dist. No. 1. B. E. Bryant, Dist. 47. C. H. Pittman. J. S. Latimer, 99. J. H. N. Cobb. Jno. B. Harrison, 45. C. N. Board, 73. Joel M. Sandlin, Dist. 22. W. S. Dearing, Dist. 44. L. J. Akders, Dist. 102. David S. Rose, Dist. 15. John L. Mitch, Dist. 29. Geo. A. Henshaw, Dist. 107. W. A. Ledbetter, District 103. W. F. Hendricks, Dist. 10. Christopher C. Mathis, Dist. 100. James H. Chambers, Dist. 105. Edwin T. Sorrells, Dist. 92. William J. Caudill, Dist. 50. Carlton Weaver, Dist. 87. Cham Jones, Dist. 101. Henry S. Johnston, Dist. 17. John M. Carr, Dist. #54. J. E. Sater, Dist. 20. I. B. Littleton, Dist. No. 32. Milas Lasater, District 94. J. B. Tosh, Dist. 52. Samuel W. Hayes, District 85. J. K. Hill, Dist. 63. James I. Wood, Dist. 89. J. J. Savage, Dist. 48. David Hogg, Dist. 43. J. S. Buchanan, Dist. 34. Flowers Nelson, Dist. 68. J. C. Graham, Dist. 106. Delphas G. Harned, Dist. 9. J. A. Alderson, Dist. 12. J. Howard Langley, Dist. 65. Boone Williams, Dist. 97. G. W. Wood, Dist. #8. W. L. Helton, Dist. 24. S. W. Ramsey, Dist. 30. Edward R. Williams, Dist. 3. R. L. Williams, District No. 108. J. F. King, Dist. No. 16. Henry L. Cloud, Dist. No. 23. J. W. Swarts, Dist. 61. E. F. Messenger, Dist. #82. W. E. Banks, Dist. No. 51. John J. Carney, Dist. 36. R. J. Allen, Dist. 93. Gabe E. Parker, Dist. 109. Charles M. McClain, Dist. No. 86. W. C. Hughes, District 28. Fred C. Tracy, Dist. No. 2. H. O. Tener, District 42. G. M. Berry, Dist. No. 18. Joseph J. Curl, 57. William C. Liedke, Dist. 83. O. H. P. Brewer, 77. J. A. Baker, Dist. 81. George Norton Bilby, 6. T. C. Wyatt, Dist. 33. C. H. Bower, Dist. 41. Charles L. Moore, District No. 13. J. K. Norton, Dist. 35. A. L. Hausam, Dist. 70. W.T.S. Hunt, Dist. 27 J. J. Quarles, District #56. A. S. Wyly, Dist. 72. Ben. F. Harrison, District 88. William H. Edley, Dist. 53. E. G. Newell, Dist. 19. Neal B. Gardner, #91. Hamner G. Turner, Dist. No. 80. James A. Harris, 71. Thad D. Rice, Dist. 38. Benjamin Floyd Lee, 110. A. G. Cochran, Dist. 98. Territory of Oklahoma, Logan County: I, Wm. H. Murray, President of the Constitutional Convention of the proposed State of Oklahoma, do hereby certify that the within and foregoing is the original parchment enrollment of the Constitution and the several articles thereof adopted by the Constitutional Convention of the proposed State of Oklahoma, to be submitted to the people of the proposed State of Oklahoma for ratification, and that all the interlineations therein contained and all the erasures and words stricken out, were made and done before the same was signed by the President, the Vice-Presidents, and the members of said Convention. Witness my hand this the sixteenth day of July, A. D., Nineteen Hundred and Seven. Wm. H. MURRAY, President of the Constitutional Convention of the proposed State of Oklahoma ATTEST: JOHN McLAIN YOUNG,


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Q: Who signed the Oklahoma Constitution?
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