Who sings I need you so girl?

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The singer of this song is Tommy McLain
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What should I do if I like a girl so much and she said she likes me to but I just don't know if that was the truth I NEED answers I need to know how to get the truth?

there is many ways to tell if a gurl likes you. one being if she smiles a lot when she is with you. you may not even say something funny and she laughs her butt off. if she pays attention to all your friends it is not because she is intrested in them it is because she is intrested in you. she will l ( Full Answer )

Why do birds sing so gay?

"Why do birds sing so gay?" Was the original naming of a song re-titled to "Why do fools fall in love" By Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers Later performed by Diana Ross

Who is the girl who sings Coldplay's yellow?

The song was covered by Petra Haden and Bill Frisell which appears in episode 3.08 of the The O.C.. In 2006, Tre Lux covered "Yellow" on the cover album A Strange Gathering.

Who sings beautiful girls?

The artist that sings Beautiful Girls is Bruno Mars. He is a recent and up in coming artist who has realeased many other songs include, Grenade and Lazy.

If you want to marry a girl from Russia what you need and how she can get visa n Indian citizenship she wants to live in India only with you so tel you what you need to do?

The first thing you should do is run away in the opposite direction. The girl only wants to be out of Russia and making demands upon you to live in India should have raised a big red flag for you. If, however you wish to pursue this, you both are going to need to become residents of India ... and ( Full Answer )

What do you say so you can defend a girl if you need to in middle school?

\n. \n. \nIt depends on what your defending for.\n. \nIf its on bullying:\nSay "How bout you just go and bother someone else" or\n"If you got nothing nice to say, just dont say it AT ALL"\n. \nIf its on someone who is just treating that person rudely:\nSay "If you wanna be dumb and insult someon ( Full Answer )

Who sings your girl?

The Temptations thanks if i helped you and mindless behavior, if you have never heard mindless behavior you really should they are a great boy band

Im girl and you really want to sing this is you at your school talent showbut people say you are going to get laughed at so what should you sing?

Sing the song you really want to sing. If your friends laugh at you then what kind of friends are they, you know? Not really good ones. Go with your heart. It'll be ok in the end and eventually everyone's going to forget about it anyways. If you want to sing, then you must be good at it! So peopl ( Full Answer )

Why is singing so important?

Singing helps express one's feelings through a series of rhyming or non-rhyming words. It is important in some African culture because it is believed that they can communicate with their ancestors. It is also important in the Chritian belief because they believe that praising(singing) is a form of p ( Full Answer )

I sing voculs in my band and i need to write our first song but i cant think of anything so can someone give me a topic?

It depends what kind of band you are in,if punk, then sing about like someone who has had a hard life and that kind of thing if like hard rock/metal band then go for a more death and destruction kind of approach i know it sounds harsh but its what people wanna hear. Don't do a love song whatever you ( Full Answer )

Who sings i told you so?

Randy Travis first released "I told You So" in 1987 on his "Always and Forever" album.

Why is singing so embarrassing?

I feel singing is embarrassing because you may be afraid thatsomeone will make fun of you for not being good or for messing up,because you may think you're not good. All artists feel that theirwork isn't good, when normally, it is.

I need an easy song to sing from a Broadway musical for an audition. Nothing from wicked or rent or hairspray. I'm a soprano girl. Got anything?

I recommend songs from "My Fair Lady." Specifically, "Wouldn't it be Loverly". It's best if you can perfect a cockney accent... Good luck @ the audition! . I am a soprano girl i love singing a song from the little mermaid 'part of your world' . GOOD LUCK :):)GAB There are A LOT of good Broadwa ( Full Answer )

How does SpongeBob sing so good?

well he really doesnt sing, its Tom Kenny or other people sings as Spongebob's voice because there are special guests that some people dont know about cause they dont say in the begining

Why do you love singing so much?

because everyone eveyone has an interest like the Jonas brothers they show an interest in music ( i love the Jonas brothers so much

I need help I am 13 and I want a girl to like me can someone tell me what I can do so she will like me?

What not do is try and be someone your not. Be yourself and love yourself. Try and talk to her and show her that you're a reat person if she doesn't like you for who you are then that's her loss not yours. A true friend is someone that likes you for whoyou are. Even if you try to be someone your'e n ( Full Answer )

Who sings so futuristic?

Yung L.A. is the artist who performs the song "Futuristic". He is arapper out of Atlanta, Georgia and is affiliated with popularrapper T.I.

Why are there so many Chinese girls that need to be adopted?

because in china you can only have one child and the parents wantthat child to be a boy because the boy can carry on the family nameand the girl does not. That isn't to say boys aren't put up foradoption. I actually know one here in the states who was adoptedwhen he was a baby.

Does anyone need me to sing for them I am a good singer and love it so much il sing on a show or anything please how about Oprah Winfreys show il sing on that or gmtv or something?

Britain's Got Talent and the X-Factor both hold audiences for singers. You should also consider taking conventional routes such as joining a singing class, starting a band and so on. Make sure to ask someone you trust to tell the truth to evaluate your ability. It would appear that many talent sho ( Full Answer )

How do you sing like a rockstar if you are a girl?

It's the same for any gender. Just sing as much as you can till you find your own voice, and then start singing the kind of music you want to sing. With rock, it's best to have quite a powerful voice (learning to breathe from the diaphragm can help, and if you've ever done woodwind or brass instrume ( Full Answer )

Can you marry a christian girl because you need to be a citizen here in the us so you want to know if its halal or haram to marry her so you can get the paperwork?

Halal or haram doesn't even enter into it. If you marry just toremain in the country, you are in violation of US federal law andsubject to deportation. When you are deported, you do not come backto the US. Do as you should legally. Apply for a legal visa. Now, to the religious/cultural/social ele ( Full Answer )

What girl sings uhuhuhohh?

It is Baby it goes ouooh ouooh you know you love me you know I care does that answer it for you

Who sings California girl?

California Gurls are sung by Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg. California Girls is sung by David Lee Roth. So take your pick.

Who sings World So Cold?

There are many songs named World So Cold. The most common would be Three Days Grace. If you want to see other artists who sang this son search it on iTunes. Hope this helped:)

Who sings why so serious?

If you are asking about the opening theme from Batman - The Dark Knight it was composed by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard.

How can a girl sing great if she sucks at singing?

well if you believe hard and try hard you can get the right voice i used to suck at singing and im a boy but those steps are very helpful to me and made me a great singer

Who sings the only girl in the world?

Im sorry to say this but in order to anyone answer this type of question is by you being specific this is a broad question, and if you don't want to be specific all the answers are ganna be wrong because theres many answers to that question by Titanium Chrome.

Who sings the song so obvious?

The Song "So Obvious" is sung by the band Runner Runner. It was the first single from their upcoming debut album, "Runner Runner". It has peaked at #37 on the Billboard Pop Songs Chart. They also performed it on The Late Show with David Letterman. It also appeares on the American version of Now ( Full Answer )

How do you teach a girl who can't sing to sing?

Give her this percise recipe: 1/2 cup vanilla extract 2 cups hot sauce 3 ounces pelligrino mineral water 1 nose job -then rest for 8 hours and her voice will be golden!

Who sings bed. its a girl that sings it?

There is only one way to find out look on youtube and type it in. Then you will no the answer . If it does not come up then listen on the radio and see what it is called.

How does Eminem sing so good?

he most likely trains at getting the wright tones and stuff alot of people can sing really well it just takes practice

How can you support your sound while singing cause right now your pushing to get your sound out and your singing is breaking apart please be specific on what you need to do and your a 16yr fmle 2nd so?

Make sure that you use your diaphragm to breathe. When you breathe, don't raise your shoulders, but expand your stomach area. A good exercise for this is to lay on your back and put a book on your stomach and make the book move up when you breathe in and down when you breathe out. Also, make sure th ( Full Answer )

What girl sings soulja girl?

no girl sings soulja girl. its soulja bot tell'em song unless our talking about the song "soulja" then in that case a female goup by the name of "Destiny's Child" which formal memebers were beyonce and Kelly Rowland

Why the girls are so?

SOME GIRLS ARE JUST PLAIN WEIRD and want to be black my advice is to visit www.my..com its a helpful website. :D

Who sings so far away?

Wikipedia lists 18 songs entitled "So Far Away." The most famous was sung by Carole King, unless you're thinking of I Ran (So Far Away) by Flock of Seagulls