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Who sings Paul London's and Jeff Hardy's entrance themes in the WWE?

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????? Theres no singing in their theme songs


Jeff Hardy's theme song: Endeverafter - No More Words

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Who sings Jeff hardys entrance?

WWE is Endeverafter and TNA is himself and his band.

What is the name of the band that does Jeff Hardy's entrance song?

endeverafter is the band that sings Jeff hardys 2008 entrance theme

Where can you get the names of the WWE Entrance themes?

you can go to a myspace page and look it up,or you can type in who is the person who sings 'bla bla blas' theme song.the only theme song that i know is Jeff hardys theme song.the name of Jeff hardys theme song is no more words by endeverafter.

Who sings the entrance theme for the mizanin?

no one, it is on WWE: Themes Vol. 7. only available online

Who sings Jeff hardys theme?


Who sings Jeff hardys entrance song?

His old WWE theme was performed by Endeverafter. Jeff's TNA theme's all feature Jeff himself on vocals.

Who sings Jeff hardys theme no more words?


What is the name of the band that plays Jeff Hardys entrance music?

Jeff Hardy Theme Song sounds like he sings it himself but it is not him. The singers of No More Words are called End-Ever-After!

Who sings Jeff hardys tna theme snong?

Jeff Hardy

Who sings Sean micheals entrance song?

Shawn Michaels sings his own entrance theme.

Who sings marias entrance music?

the band moon fall sings marias entrance music.

Who sings triple hs entrance song?

Motorhead sings Triple H's entrance song

Who sings mick foleys entrance music?

your mom sings mick foleys entrance music

Who sings abyss's entrance song?

if your going to get it off i tunes type in "TNA wrestling" in the search bar and it will show you all the themes for every wrestler including abyss

Which band sings Edge's entrance song?

Alter Bridge sings Edge's entrance music. The song is called "Metalingus."

Who sings the WWE entrance song priceless?

Jim Johnston Sings Priceless

Who sings stone cold entrance?


Who sings the Batista entrance song?


Who sings the Mexicools entrance song?

The Mexicools

Who sings Jeff jarrett's entrance theme?

He does

Who sings santino marrella's entrance music?

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Who sings the entrance music for the undertaker?

its an instrumental

Who is the creator of the song no more words?

endeverafter sings wwe star Jeff hardys theme no more words

Who sings maryses entrance theme?

Jim Johnston sings Maryse's theme song?

Who sings Jeff Hardy's entrance music on WWE wrestling?

Jeff sings it himself