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The Tymes-1963

Covered by All-4-One -1994

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Who sings so much love?


Who sang so much in love?

The Rocket Summer sings a song called "So Much Love".

Why do you love Ellie Goulding so much?

I love her because she sings so good and her songs are kind of uniqe

Who sings the song with the lyrics and you are and you are so beautiful?

Superchick sings So Beautiful! I love that song!

Which Princess sings So this is love?


Who sings the song that goes No matter what I say or do Im so in love with you?

Duke - So in love with you

Who sings ''and i love you so''?

Perry Como

Who is Hastune miku?

Hastune Miku is a Japenese popstar that is not real in real life. So she just sings songs that are in Japenese. I love her so much!

Who sings the song I am so in love with you?

i think justin bieber

Who sings love today?

Mika sings Love today

Who sings find your love?

Drake sings Find Your Love

Who sings I Love College?

Asher Roth sings "I love College"

Who sings The Love You Save?

The Jackson 5 sings The Love You Save.

Who sings the new pop tart commercial?

Martin Short sings it. He has so much talent!

Who sings the Song i love you for so many reasons?

martin Luther king

Who sings what is love what is love?


Who sings love you love me?

MY Hobo

Who sings the song NASCAR love?

Tim wilson sings the song NASCAR love

Who sings the song you'll give me love?

Faith Hill sings 'you give me love'

Who sings love is what you want it to be?

Alannah Myles sings the song "Love Is". The chorus contains the line "love is what you want it to be".

Who sings the blues song as much as i love you i still have to say goodbye?

Reuben Bell

Who sings your love?

The person that sings it is Nicki minaj

Who sings do you believe in love?

yepp she sings it lol

Who sings love me love me?

Justin bieber sings it now, but another girl used to sing it.

Who sings the gospel song just love?

Brian Courtney Wilson sings Just Love