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How do you sing better?

you have to practice,sing doe ri mi every morning and sing one song atleast every day.hopefully you have a good voice in a couple. good luck , ilovesinging

How can you sing better?

If your reading this it'll be because you like singing and want to improve, right? Well the first thing is beleiving in yourself. You MUST be comfortable singing in front of people, or you will never improve. Try singing in front of one close friend first, then four people, then about 10 people, the ( Full Answer )

Why can't some people sing?

Some people are born with the natural talent to sing. Othersaren't. Some people can't sing because they are eitherinexperienced or they are tone deaf.

Why can't you say more better?

There is nothing to stop you from saying it, but it is considered grammatically incorrect and you will get some negative looks. I would strongly recommend you use the appropriate grammar.

Why can't nuns sing in the abbey?

That"s a new one on me. There have been all kinds of Musical talents nurtured by and for nuns. There are surely vocal choirs of sisters- I heared a tape recording of one playing at a funeral for a departed Dominican sister some years ago. Nuns headed up the Music department ina good many church scho ( Full Answer )

How many people find that having no sex is better then to be with a man who sleeps around?

for me it is better.Why accept something i do not do from my mate.No I'll wait.I do not believe a man will be a man.When god passed out sexual urges he gave them to women also!!!!!!!!!Most women and some men DO HAVE SELF CONTROL.So they do not sleep with any and eveyrthing. Answer ; Probably the s ( Full Answer )

Can you get better at singing?

Yes you can! Don't be discouraged. You just have to practice every day some voice exercises. You can easily find a music learning CD on google/the internet. My Dad bought a singing learning CD course for about $200 or so. This is the route to go if you want to reach your peak at singing well and suc ( Full Answer )

How do you get better at singing?

Practice. What I suggest is sing along out loud with songs you like. You can find where your natural pitch is and through experimentation self-teach yourself how to harmonize with other vocal pitches. Humming doesn't count! And no singing softly, either. Learn to breathe from the abdomen for ( Full Answer )

Who sings you want it all but you can't have it?

It`s " Faith No More - Epic " but theres the song that says 'you want it all but you cant hae it, its in your fce but you cant grab it) its a bonus track from atreyus lead sails paper anchor album.

Why can't your grandma find a man?

Grandma has to go where the men are. Mind you, men often don't age as well as women, so she may need to look for someone who is younger than her. Keeping active in group activities, online searches and other activities can help.

Why can't i sing?

It's not that you can't sing. It's just that you probably haven't learned to sing. Some people are just naturally able to sing on key but even the famous stars have learned how to use their voices. They didn't just magically become good singers on their own nor is their throat any different than the ( Full Answer )

Why can't sex be better when the man has a circumcised penis?

\nMost people find sex isn't better with a circumcised penis. Uncircumcised penises tend to be more sensitive, since the head is protected by the foreskin. Circumcised men tend to have sex more forcefully, pounding faster and harder to achieve the level of stimulation necessary to feel sexual pleasu ( Full Answer )

Someone can't sing can he learn how to sing?

OF course! you can go to a local school and ask a music teacher to help you with your vocals.........or you can just practice by getting some songs from the internet or just practice singing some songs u know...hope this answers ur question ^_^

Who sings I just can't get enough?

Perhaps you're referring to "Just can't get enough" by Depeche Mode. It was released in 1981 as their first US single. You can find the video on YouTube.

Can you scream if you can't sing?

I believe you can; I personally can't sing at all (well not in tune at least) but I can definitely death growl really well and I fry scream quite successfully. But one thing I've realised is I think that how dynamic you can scream is based on your vocal range and your voice, for example I have quite ( Full Answer )

How can you get better at singing?

Practice. You can sing scales over and over but that does not help everyone; so just practice singing a song you like (depending...MAriah CArey and Whitney Houston...OFF LIMITS) and record yourself.

Who sings Wasted and i can't find my way home?

I know that a band called Camper Van Beethoven has a song called "Wasted". Blind Faith's song "Can't Find My Way Home" has the line "Well, I'm wasted and I can't find my way home" House Of Lords did a kick butt 1990 remake of Blind Faith's 1969 original.

How do you find out if you can sing?

Open your mouth and see what comes out of it. If people run away holding their ears then stop immedately. Otherwise you can sing.

If a man tells you he can find someone better what would you say?

Personally, I have a zero tolerance for statements like that. I realize that at times people say things in the heat of anger they really do not mean. However, If you are consistently verbally abused, I would tell him to go ahead, Then it would be your time to move on.

How to sing better?

Hi, its Celine Dion You are such a determined singer, i can tell by your sincere words. Keep singing and you will one day fufill your dreams. Best of luck, Celine . Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Discuss:How_to_sing_better#ixzz1FucaIn4v .

Who sings Can't be Tamed?

Miley Cyrus sings Can't be Tamed. It is also from the Album Cant be Tamed and is Miley's 3rd studio album that is not affiliated with Hannah Montana :D

Why can't you find it?

It's obviously well hidden; check every corner and cranny until it appears. Ask others for advice on where to look or if they have seen it, as well.

If i can't sing but like to should i?

i cant sing but i still do sing my fave song is jar of hearts cos its an easy song to sing hope this helped! Cara-alice

How do you teach a girl who can't sing to sing?

Give her this percise recipe: 1/2 cup vanilla extract 2 cups hot sauce 3 ounces pelligrino mineral water 1 nose job -then rest for 8 hours and her voice will be golden!

Why can't llamas sing?

because they aren't humans. YOu shouldn't waste your time on here. Now go out and play.

Who sings the song Can't We Try?

Dan hill sings this song. Also, in other references, Teddy Pendergrass and Vonda Shepard sing this song.

How do you say can't sing in spanish?

No se cantar = I can't sing Tu no sabes cantar = you (singular, informal) can't sing El/ella/usted no sabe cantar = He/she/you(singular, formal) can't sing Nosotros no sabemos cantar = We can't sing Vosotros no sabeis cantar = You (plural, informal) can't sing Ellos/ellas/ustedes no saben ( Full Answer )

Why can't I sing well in from of people?

Well,sometimes people get really nervous singing in front of a crowd of people.I sometimes get nervous when my choir sings in front of a big audience.But,sometimes I do get nervous.

Who sings be your man?

Josh Terner sings be your man and if you ask me i think Scotty Mccreery sings it better lol

Why can't I get better at soccer?

The ONLY way of getting better at something is to continue to work at it, work at it until you can't work anymore. Honestly, it's true about the saying, "practice makes perfect" because people won't get better at something when no practice is made.

How can you be better at singing?

Practicing really helps, so you can practice. And if you need helpwith breathing, you can sign up for singing classes to help youlearn how to breathe and control your voice.

Why can't I sing in falsetto anymore?

You may be having difficulty singing in falsetto is your voice has changed. You can try taking voice lessons to get your skills back on track.