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Who sings is it over now do you know how to pick up the pieces and go home?

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Stevie Nicks wrote the music and lyrics, and is the vocalist for "Gold Dust Woman," widely accepted to be a rock 'n' roll classic. She performs the song with Fleetwood Mac and also in solo performances. "Gold Dust Woman" is considered to be a Stevie Nicks signature song, and has has been covered by a number of artists including Hole, Sister Hazel and (surprisingly) Waylon Jennings.ARTIST: Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac

TITLE: Gold Dust Woman

Rock on, gold dust woman

Take your silver spoon and dig your grave

Heartless challenge

Pick your path and I'll pray

Wake up in the morning

See your sunrise loves to go down

Lousy lovers pick their prey

But they never cry out loud, cry out


Well, did she make you cry

Make you break down

Shatter your illusions of love

And is it over now, do you know how

Pick up the pieces and go home

Rock on, ancient queen

Follow those who pale in your shadow

Rulers make bad lovers

You better put your kingdom up for sale, up for sale

{Refrain twice}

Go home, go home.

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