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the song's called summer love. it's by JMinor

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Who sings thats amore?

Dean Martin

Who sings Thats Not My Name?

The Ting Tings I believe..

Why did you choose your major?

because thats where my heart is

Who sings take your money?

Lil Monsta...thats if your not refering to MIA by Paper Planes

What is the heart's impact on body?

na,,if you dont heart,,,your dead na,,,thats what heart are for.

Why does your heart beat?

i dont know thats why i asked you

Who sings on the new marks and spencers Christmas ad?

I think it sounds like Duffy? - i think is MACY GRAY sings Winter Wonderland. Yipppeee - -thats the one.

Where is the statue of the guardian of the forest in heart gold?


Do backbones surround and protect the heart and the lungs?

No. Thats the ribs.

What are the words describing someone emotionally hurt?

broken heart or bleeding heart sad heart devastated.and more but thats some of them

Why is the thickness of the right side of the heart less than that of the left side of the heart?

thats what i am tring to figure out? -.-

Who is the guy who sings in the song Darling with Eyes Set To Kill?

thats brandon ^-^ he used to be the screamer but he left

What is the name of the song Stuart Little sings while drive his car?

Thats Amore , dean martin

How can you tell the difference between a fake Ralph Lauren and a real one?

Easy The logo is Big i on the right hand corner It should have the number 8 on the left hand sleeve It should have the American and British Flag on the right sleeve Thats all i know :)

Heart flutter caused by chemo and menopause?

thats a big possibility

How do you get past labyrinth on poptropica?

use ur heart (thats the key)

What do a cat and butterfly have in common?

they both have a heart and....thats pretty much it

What is the path of blood after it is pumped from the heart?

no it is just funny thats all

What does hbk mean for Shawn Michaels?

HBK means heart break kid thats hes nickname thats y hes song is that.

What base is in blood?

red liquid ..... thats helps you live and your heart drinks it ... and when you have a heartattack it because your heart has had to much to drink!

What type of tissues does the heart contain?

the heart contains fat tissue, muscle tissue and heart tissue- thats all i know about. hope that helps xx

How do you make heart on Facebook?

<3 Its Easy Just <3 Thats All

Why is human heart shaped liked a cone?

Thats yo dick dood

Why was 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings' banned?

because people couldn't handle the truth, and thats exactly what it was..

When was A Year Without Rain released?

If u see the video she lips sings and it never came out thats a fake song