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yo yo yo

Im chillin with the comp just having a seat don't step to me unless you wanna get beat cause i got lyrics like my man fity and i got more money than P diddy later tonight Im gonna go to a fiesta cause i am the best, i am the monsta I got more rhymes then all them rappers when they perform, the audience takes nappers but when i rock the mic, the audience claps cause i bust out the coolest, freshest, raps I make more money then Donald Trump i once cut down a tree and made a stump

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Who sings jimmy shoe?

fugitive sings it but we dont know what the boys name is

Who sings the song i dont want to know?

Thriving Ivory.

Who sings she dont know shes beautiful?

Sammy Kershaw

Who sings the song you dont know your beautiful first?

One direction

Who sings life is a bull ride?

I dont know. Dont care. There you go! Hope i helped. HeHe!!

Who sings and the name of the song on the zales commercial it goes you dont know what you do to me?


Who sings the funky house song i dont want to know where you been?

... i dont know the answer. but i hope its the same tune i been tryna find. I need to know who sings it n its buggin me. Lyrics r like "I dont wanna know where you been, i dont wanna know who you been with. All i want, is for you, to come hooome" Ah? ay? r talkin bouth the same tune? Lol!?

Is ''cassette'' a noun or adjtive?

The word cassette is a noun. I know that we use it as an adjective for things like cassette player, but that really means a player of cassettes.

Does Leo howard sing?

I dont know if he sings buts if he does hes hot doing it!

Does grayson chance sing like a girl?

Well he sounds like a girl when he sings, but i dont know if he likes his self or not and stuff you know, but he sounds like a girl is singing when he sings!

Who sings it's alive on shake it up?

i dont really know know one guest stars sorry people out there!

What's the name of big show's entrance song?

crank it up, dont know who sings it...

Who sings Bubbly?

coblie collete well i dont know how to say the last name right

Who sings the song you dont want to know her her name?

It's Bryan Adams. Thank you. Moving on.

Who sings McDonald's filet o fish song?

i dont know but they must be super cool!!

What is Miley Cyrus Favourite song she sings?

i think that it is the song she sings w her dad, you know it goes, get ready, get set, please dont go i think

Who sings the song called with the lyrics on sidewalk in the city you think its called rain?

i dont know. i want to know the same. my goodness.

What songs to max green sing?

i dont think he ever sings. but i do know that he screams really good!:)

Who sings a song with the chorus don't you love?

i dont know all the songs i like have a chorus that i like

Well you dont know the name of this song or who sings it all you know is one versewell you should've done this and i should've done that?

That is exactly right.

What is the unlock code for your 1995 Mercedes Benz radio cassette player?

The experts told me that each cassette player has its own code, and it is written in the plastic card with the instruction mannual. But some technicians know how to disabbled it, and of course you , in that case, dont need the code anymore.

What are all the songs Taylor swift sings?

Um dont know what you mean but most of them are lovesongs!! Hope that helps!!

Who sings the lyrics let yourself go on the expedia tv advertisement?

Dont know about who sings the lyrics, but the song being used in the latest advert is Piano B by Phildel

What is the name of S Elena Gomez friend that sings naturally?

Selena Gomez sings naturally not her friend! Selena Gomez & the Scene - Naturally. If you mean the Scene i dont know :(

Hii am very sorryi buy one radio cassette genre2000 electronic cassette rds type 14601560and dont know how you open the code of himplease help metnx?