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Singer Astrud Gilberto made the song with Stan Getz in 1963 and it turned into an international hit.

2007-06-27 20:16:48
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Q: Who sings the most popular version of The Girl from Ipanema?
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Who sings the popular version of The Girl from Ipanema?

Astrid Gilberto

Whats that song that carlton sings for the karaoke in fresh prince?

He sang "It's not unusual" by Tom Jones. It was Girl From Ipanema

When was Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland created?

Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland was created in 1986.

The Girl from Ipanema comes from which city?

Ipanema is a rich neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Who sings the song I'd rather besides Luther vandross and it is a woman that sings the cover version.?

Beyonce sings the girl version of it.

Who is the most famous girl in the world?

The girl from Ipanema.

Where is the Ipanema Brazilian neighborhood located?

The Ipanema Brazilian neighborhood is located in southern region of Rio de Janerio. This is on the coast, and the Ipanema beach is well known by the song "The Girl From Ipanema".

Who sang the girl from ipanema?

Astrud Gilberto

Who sings the girl version of sex on fire?

Tina Cousins

Who was Gilberto's partner on The Girl From Ipanema 1964?


Who sang the girl from ipanema in English?

astrud gilberto

What type of music is The girl from ipanema?

Latin Music

Who sings the girl version of god bless the broken road?

Melodie Crittenden

Who sang the original 'The Girl From Ipanema'?

Astrud Gilberto

What actors and actresses appeared in The Girl from Ipanema - 2005?

The cast of The Girl from Ipanema - 2005 includes: Phil Horton as Dogo Terence Kava as Mojo Denise Montes as Sancho

The girl in the 1963 song by Astrud Gilberto was from which Rio de Janeiro district?

The Girl from Ipanema

What song was Julie Payette humming on STS 127?

The girl from ipanema

What tune did Skulduggery Pleasant whistle during torture?

The Girl From Ipanema

What is the homeland country for the Girl From Ipanema?

I found it when I was in the Navy. Our ship stopped in Rio DeJanero for R&R. I walked a long way up the beach and visited several open cafes. I found Ipanema further up the beach. I also found several girls that fit the description of that girl from Ipanema. Check it out!

Who sings the girl version of seven nation army?

Kate Nash did it live, but the song sucks.

What are some famous alto sax songs?

The Girl From Ipanema -- Stan Getz

Who sings listen to your heart the girl version?

The original version is by Roxette (singer: Marie Fredriksson). There is also a techno-ish version done by DHT (singer: Edmée Daenen).

Who sings the song Soldiers or Soldier I Remember its not to popular but it was a girl or girl group and its a catchy upbeat song.?

I found it, its by Out Of Eden

Who sings the song My Girl?

One group that made the song popular during the sixties was The Temptations.

Who sings the miss independent girl version?

Kelly Clarkson :) im not sure but i think (Forget about me by Lil Bit)